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May 6, 2009

- Thank you Sami Salo for giving me the biggest laugh I’ve had today. When asked by the media about the exact nature of his injury, Salo played coy and replied that it could even be something as simple as a burning sensation when he pees. I know we all joke about hockey players and STDs, but I think this may be the first time I’ve ever seen it referenced by a player in the mass media. I love when players have senses of humor about their injuries and try to deal with the ridiculousness of the upper/lower/inner/outer body injury classification.

The thing is, I could see some of the Sabres resident wiseasses making similar jokes about injury statuses. While I don’t imagine that they would get as descriptive as Salo, I could imagine a little creativity being used by the boys. I can see things like “I can’t play because I just gave myself a manicure and my clear polish isn’t dry.” “I have a lower body injury from having relations with my wife on a piece of living room furniture, which then broke.” “I got my toe stuck in my faucet.” And so on.

Thanks to alix of Canucks Hockey Blog for tweeting about Salo’s amazing quote.

- From the statbit files, someone found my blog via the search term “Ovechkin, chill the fuck out.” And someone else found me with “who has Sidney Crosby slept with.” Those are definitely better than the usual ones regarding Ryan Getzlaf’s hairline (or lack thereof) and the girlfriends of Drew Stafford/Martin Brodeur/Ryan Miller, et. al.

- With the announcement that Jim Basillie wants to purchase the Coyotes and move them to Hamilton, sorry, an undisclosed market in southern Ontario, one cannot help but wonder how this would affect the Sabres. I seem to remember that the last time Basillie tried to move a team to Hamilton, that it would require him to make a very substantial payment to both the Leafs and Sabres, as Hamilton falls squarely within their market area. While there’s no doubt that the Greater Toronto Area could support two teams, it is likely that a team in Hamilton probably would affect the Sabres. I believe the last stats I read said that something like 10% of the Sabres season ticket base is from S. Ontario. While some of these people undoubtedly will remain loyal Sabres ticket holders, you can’t help but think that these people will undoubtedly jump ship and go to their “own” team.

The one group of people that I definitely feel sorry for are the Coyotes players and staff. It can’t be easy having your livelihood be the subject of so many rumors, speculation and gossip. While the players may be used to moving around, it can’t be easy for Suzy CreamCheese in the front office to be dealing with the uncertainty of her job and whether or not the team will be in Phoenix next year.

- If Basillie does move the team to Southern Ontario, I’d be curious to see how the league would be realigned. Nick Mendola of WGR has some intriguing thoughts on this subject on the WGR website. It really does make sense to align the teams using more of a geographuc sense. I mean, there’s no good reason why Columbus and Detroit should be in the Western Conference. It’s like the NHL decided to pick up some alignment tips from the NCAA when they decided that one.

The Coyotes situation does add some additional drama to the playoffs, that’s for sure.


Sabres v. Caps – 4.3.09

April 3, 2009

First Period

- I love that the Caps goalie tonight is named Simeon. That’s not a name you see very often. It’s such a strong, biblical name. Love it.

- I cannot believe Timmy missed a wide open net within the first two minutes of the game. The shot went behind the goalie, through the crease and out the other side. But that missed opportunity sums up the season in a nutshell, doesn’t it.

- I love that Gaustad tested out his injured elbow by jumping into the arena glass. That sounds like an activity that usually involved the phrase “hey guys, watch this” and never ends well.

- C-Mac gets sent to the box for hooking. On the ensuing power play, Gaustad gets smushed by Ovie, only to continue on with the puck, like Ovie was a pestering gnat, easily brushed off. But Ovie gets his retribution when he pops a goal past a diving Miller to make the score 1-0, Washington.

- Buffalo heads to the power play as Max gets tripped up on a dipsy doodle. And said power play looks like a hot mess as the Sabres have difficulty keeping the puck in the Washington zone. And just as I’m writing that sentence, Staffy and/or Max tip the puck past the Washington goalie, shortly after the PP expires.(Correction, the goal has been credited to Goose, even though my blind eyes say he never really touched the puck. Double correction, the goal has been recredited to Stafford.)

- C-Mac tries to send a cross ice pass to Connolly, and Kozlov ends up tipping the puck into his own net. A goal’s a goal, so it’s now 2-1, Buffalo.

- One of my search terms yesterday was “hockey players are whores t-shirt.” I hate to break it to the poor dear that searched for a shirt like that, but I don’t know where to find one. And even if I did, I wouldn’t wear one.

- After the Sabres second goal,the camera pans to a kid in the stands wearing a Sabretooth hat. My mother is completely enamored of this hat and wonders why something like that didn’t exist when I was a kid.

- I may be completely hallucinating, but I swear the Caps PA system is playing the theme to the Great Escape. If I’m not hallucinating, that’s completely awesome.

Second Period

- What in the bluedilly you-know-what happened to cause Washington to have a 5-on-3? Complete stupidity by Spacek combined with an already called penalty on Roy, that’s what.

- Harry Neale starts waxing poetic about his and RJ’s tour of the White House. I kind of want to know if any of the players came along for the tour, or if it was just RJ and Harry? Touring the White House is definitely on my to-do list, as is a trip to the Smithsonian, Arlington and the Holocaust Museum.

- Another penalty to Buffalo while they’re on the five-on-three? Are you kidding me? The Sabres penalty box is getting kind of crowded, that’s for sure. It sounds like there’s quite the Buffalo fanbase in the crowd tonight, based on how loud the crowd was when Buffalo cleared the puck out of the zone. And Roy’s penalty expires with Semin putting the puck past Miller to make the score 2-2. However, before the puck went into the net, Miller was putting on quite the goaltending clinic. He had some spectactular saves.

- Sweet Crunchy on a cracker, Fedorov rips a shot from just inside the blue line past Miller to make it 3-2, Caps.

-Dear Sabres, please to not be taking anymore penalties. The penalty kill is not how you win hockey games.

- If I had a dollar for every shot the Sabres missed wide this season, I would be a very rich woman. Alright, maybe not rich, but I’d have enough for a payment on my college loans. Chez Griff isn’t cheap, you know.

- So Butler’s in the box for elbowing and the Sabres get called for ANOTHER penalty, this time for delay of game.What was it that Lindy said the other night about taking too many penalties? It throws off the flow of the game, as the penalty killers are forced to take a disproportionate amount of ice time, and the non-penalty killers are forced to sit on their duffs and wait.

- I’m wishing I had some vodka to put in my cranberry juice right about now. I can only imagine what Lindy’s thinking. These guys, however unintentionally, are stinking up the joint.

- This game diary is momentarily interrupted by a phone call from my grandfather telling me that my younger cousin has gotten engaged. The proposal happened over dinner. When my cousin brought out the cheesecake for dessert, he handed his girlfriend a knife that he had engraved with “will you marry me?” When she turned around to look at him, he was standing there with the ring in his hands. (Altogether now…awww.) So…Congratulations Andy and Caila!

- WHOO! Roy-Z ties the game at three with a nifty between the legs deflection.

- Son of a pup, Washington just scored to make it 4-3. Fedorov just lets the shot go past about five Caps and Sabres just standing there, and Miller never even saw it.

- I’ve decided that the Vitamin Water sweaters are what make the Roy, Cellino and Barnes commercials art.

- These “March to the Playoffs” spots are making me sad. Nothing like reliving past glories while watching the present go down the drail. Remind me again why I care so much?

Third Period

- Bullshit, bullshit. Max is helped into the Washington goaltender by Morrison, which negates a Sabre goal. I call bullshit.

- Again, a missed shot by the Sabres as the goalie isout of position. This time, for something different, Sekera does it on a wraparound.

- While I do enjoy Ryan Seacrest’s Twitter feed, I do not enjoy his recent pimping of Heidi Montag songs. Seacrest, I’m begging you to ignore them. If you do so, they will go away.

- Ovie flies into the net, taking out Miller. Miller responds by giving Ovie a good smack and then adjusting himself. I really like seeing Miller all feistied up.

- WHOO! Max ties the game up at 4 with a nifty shot into the wide open net. See guys, when the net is open, the pucks go in!

- Do the Caps fans have cowbells or something? I’m getting a headache from all the honking (not to be confused with HONK!ing) and bell ringing going on in the background.

- Roy-Z, what did I say earlier about staying out of the penalty box? Taking a penalty with 4:28 left in the game is a bit much, sunshine. Especially when the Caps have been so deadly on the power play tonight.

- Laugh of the night:

RJ: “I could have skated faster than Morrison. And he’s 40 years younger.”

Harry: “And a lot trimmer, too.”


- And we’re going to ohhhhhhvertime.


- RJ and Harry are having a discussion about whether the Caps statement that they’ve sold out season tickets and multi-game packs for every home game next year means that there’s no tickets left for John Q. fan to buy. I could read the statement either way, but am leaning more towards the idea that the season ticket and mini-pack quota is filled and walk up seats will still be sold.

- Hecht gets into the Washington zone on a breakaway, misses the shot, gets his own rebound and instead of shooting, tries to pass to Pommers.

- Timmy steals the puck away from Fedorov, passes it to Pominville, who is in all alone. And Pommers rips it five-hole past the Washington goalie. As RJ put it, it was a heck of a time to increase the population of Pominville.

- I loved seeing how jubilant the boys were at the end of the game. This might have been the shot in the arm that they needed after the debacle the other night against Les Thrash. Tomorrow night’s game against the Devils should be exciting for sure. Here’s to hoping the Sabres ride the high from tonight through tomorrow night’s game.


Monday, Monday

March 23, 2009

What’s new in Buffalo sports these days?

- TO’s a no-show for VOLUNTARY workouts at the Ralph. How is this news? They’re vol-un-tary workouts, meaning the player can choose whether or not to participate. If it was a mandatory workout, I’d be a little more concerned. But let’s just chill for a bit and see if he shows up later in the week. From the little bit I saw on the news, looking good, Poz. Looking good.

- The Bills are going to start their season with a Monday night game in Foxboro against the Patriots. If Brady is back and healthy, can you say ass kicking? Then again, the Bills have performed well on MNF the past two years, so who knows? They could pleasantly surprise me.

- I’m not even going to talk about the idea of playing more Bills home games in Toronto. All I want to point out is that the Packers played home games in both Milwaukee and Green Bay for how many years and no one stroked out over it.

- Ryan Miller updated his blog. Three posts in a month is a nice change of pace from the once-a-month plan that he was on for awhile. I particularly enjoyed his comments on Ovechkin and Don Cherry. I don’t think many people would have thought to write out such a detailed analysis comparing the styles of Ovechkin and Cherry. It’s an interesting way of looking at the situation, that’s for sure. But I bet Don Cherry’s head is probably going to explode over the fact that someone has compared him to a person that he spends the better part of his Coach’s Corner segments trashing.I’d laugh if Miller’s opinions were brought up on Coach’s Corner on Saturday.

In addition, Miller pretty much tells the Buffalo fans to chill the fuck out regarding the end of the season. He would have gone up another notch in my book if he had told us fans to chill the fuck out, but I understand that his website is supposed to be family friendly. Anyway, Miller does point out that there’s still 20 points left to be gained and they have the chance to do something memorable. And it’s his preference that things be kept interesting down the stretch. (So he’s the one that we should be sending the alcohol and therapy bills to based on how these last 10 games turn out? Heh.)

I may be falling for the smooth talk at the right time, but his post is pulling me out of the little hockey funk I was in earlier today. That’s what happens I suppose, from visiting Sabres Edge, where the big to-do earlier today was about whether the Sabres allegedly should have been out and about at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade a couple of weeks ago. I can’t believe the collective hissy fit that was being had over there on this topic. But I digress.

- This Devils / Flyers game is mildly entertaining. It’s nice to be able to watch a hockey game that I’m not 100% completely invested in, both in the on-ice action and the off-ice running of differential calculus to figure out what the current scores are doing to the Sabres playoff chances. But based on the chippiness shown so far in the first period, I’m going to be seriously pissed if I don’t see a little Marty vs. Marty brawl.



March 18, 2009

Now that I’ve calmed down a bit from last night’s rampant cussing, let’s take a look at the Sabres/Sens game. I think we all probably can admit that we knew that a Sens game probably wasn’t going to end well for the Sabres, since the Sens were 4-1 against the Sabres this season heading into last night’s game. For whatever reason, they seem to know exactly how to play against the Sabres.

- According to Mike Harrington, Lindy closed the locker room for 15 minutes after last night’s game and tore his team a new one. A well deserved new one, in my humble bloggerly opinion. They blew a two goal lead against one of the leagues worst teams. Come on, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that is not how you make the playoffs. I want to see some frustration out of these guys. For too long, comments to the media have been all sunshine, kittens, puppy dogs, rainbows and the system. I want to see the kind of anger and bitterness that we saw out of Gaustad and Miller after that horrible home loss to Washington at the end of December. These guys need to be ready to kick some ass and take some names within the locker room before they can start kicking ass and taking names against their opponents.

At least the game’s positive elements included some decent play from Tellqvist in his first start in a long while and Pominville proving that he’s not yet dead (just resting), by kicking in a goal and an assist. I also liked the intermission footage of Miller skating around and having some fun with Corsi and the other goalies. I did notice that when Miller is  wearing street clothes on the top and his breezers and leg pads on the bottom, it makes him look very, very, very pear shaped. It really was quite jarring. I also noticed during the interview footage with Miller that Chris Butler’s locker appears to be a folding chair stuck in front of the wall that separates two lockers? Poor guy doesn’t even have a locker stall to call his own.

- Eight consecutive penalties are not how you win hockey games. I mean, sure some of them were chintzy, borederline calls by the refs, but I do know Staffy’s retaliatory elbow against Heatley was just a boneheaded play to make (by a bonehead, no less). On the other hand, Roy got knocked around a couple of times by the Sens and they weren’t called. I have a feeling sunshine’s reputation as a diver proceeded him in this case.

- Off topic, but there’s a small part of my cold, cold heart that wanted the blind guy to sing “Jesus Take the Wheel” during last night’s Idol show focusing on the Grand Ole Opry. (I’ll just sit over here quietly at the stop for the bus to hell. Don’t mind me.) To actually talk about last night’s Idol, that seismic event you felt was Johnny Cash rolling over when he heard what Adam Lambert did with Ring of Fire. On the positive side, Kris Allen was fantastic with To Make You Feel My Love. Randy Travis was just a sweetheart while “mentoring” the contestants, but if that was his wife sitting next to him in the audience last night, oh dear. And that’s all I’ll say about that. On the negative side, Danny Gokey just needs to STFU already about the dead wife and stop with the Jesus singing and lesbian science teacher glasses.

- Congrats to Marty Brodeur for winning his 552nd career game. Check out the ESPN video for how loud the crowd’s “Marty, Marty, Marty” chants are during his interview with MSG. It’s chilling, but in a good way.

To give you an idea of how long Marty’s been around, check out this YouTube video from the Sabres/Devils series back in the mid-90s. Brodeur as a young pup versus Hasek. Good times.

Apologies for the shitty video quality.

- Another off topic, but how cool are the US baseball guys at the World Baseball Classic. Yahoo! has a great story about them inviting a wounded US soldier into the clubhouse after the win against Puerto Rico last night. Classy show guys, classy show.


Good News, Bad News

March 11, 2009

- Good News: Max scored a goal last night. That would be his third goal of the year.

- Bad News: Max’s third goal of the year (ugh) deflected off his leg. I know we’ll take goals any way we can get them, but that goal was more or less a result of being in the right place at the right time than a result of any skills employed by Max.

- Good News: The Little Honkers clinched a playoff spot in their Yahoo Fantasy League.

- Bad News: The Sabres apparently need small words and visual aids to understand the “playoff” concept.

- Good News: At least Lalime’s GAA last night (5.17) wasn’t as bad as Marty Turco’s (15.08).

- Bad News: Turco’s a Little Honker and that putrid GAA is killing me. I think both Turco and Luongo are going to have to stand on their head and burp the alphabet if I want to win the goalie stats this week.

- Good News: articles like this about Goose. Both he and Vanek talked about using their time in the press box to study the game.

- Bad News: who am I to kvetch about a player learning more about the game? No bad news here.

- Good News: at least Jeff Carter didn’t get a hat trick last night.

- Bad News: the Sabres shouldn’t have allowed Carter to be in that position to begin with.

- Good News: Kaleta’s fight with Asham. That was great.

- Bad News: the refs breaking up Carcillo and Rivet. I really thought Rivet would have pounded that punk into next Tuesday just for the heck of it.

- Good News: it’s Wednesday.

- Bad News: there’s only 15 more games left in the season and the Sabres are four points out of a playoff spot. Is it too early to start rooting for an epic collapse of someone? Pens, Flyers, Rangers, Habs, Panthers…doesn’t matter at this point.

- Good News: Rick Nash scored an unassisted hat trick the other night.

- Bad News: you now have that song stuck in your head.


Monday’s Meditations

January 12, 2009

- The following post-practice quote from Ryan Miller explains a lot about what’s going through his mind while he’s in the crease.

“It’s kind of like a golf swing. That’s how I try to explain things to people. You go to the range and you’re thinking about six different things: Where is the weight on this foot, back hinge, the elbow, all this stuff. Goaltending is a lot like that. My stance, my hand positioning, where I am in the crease, how much I challenge, my glove side not being too low or too high, trying to get dialed in. The last few games I’ve felt good… I’m starting to feel more like where I think I need to be.”

I like that he’s able to share these technical aspects of his game with the media and the fans. And he’s right, the past couple of games, he’s played like that elite goaltender that we know he is.

But in regards to the golf aspect, maybe Ryan needs to take the advice of the founder of the Dewey Addem & Howe Golf Outing: grip it, rip it and open a cold one afterward. Golf is supposed to be fun (And so is hockey for that matter. Even when you’re getting paid to play it).

- I got a chuckle out of hearing that Rhett Warrener showed up at the rink dressed as Darth Vader the day after his son Luke was born. (Doing so shows just enough of an understanding of the absurd, and I love it.) Rhett was a good egg and I miss having him on the Sabres, though if reports out of Calgary are correct, it seems like Rhett could be hanging up the skates soon. He was one of those guys (same with Jay McKee) that put the body on the line every night and didn’t run away from the hits.

- Anyone want to speculate on what the over/under is on Vinny Lecavalier heading out of Tampa before the trade deadline? If Tampa’s interested in a couple of UFA’s, maybe we could interest them in Timmy and Max? (Yes, I know that management would freak at having a Vinny contract on the books, and so this is only a pipe dream). I’m sure Max would love Florida if only because he would be closer to the tennis player girlfriend, and the Florida weather might do wonders for Timmy’s constitution.

- And Yahoo still hasn’t put Ales Hemsky on the IR. I’m not a happy camper over here.


We Want Three!

January 3, 2009

Now that the Sabres beat the Leafs and the Bruins, I’m going to be greedy and ask if the Sabres can go three-for-three in this divisional series of games and beat the Sens on Tuesday.

- Matt Ellis was a little beast today. Two goals, an assist and a plus 3 for the game. You could also tell that the guys were really trying to get him the puck so that he could complete the hat trick.

- I really liked the Ellis / Gaustad / Pominville line. They had some spunk and generated a halfway decent chemistry together. I can’t figure out though, whether this is a demotion for Pommers or a promotion for Goose and Ellis. Either way, it worked.

- Speaking of the Goose, Harry Neale mentioned during the Leafs game that Brian Burke was keeping an eye on Goose for the 2010 Olympic team. Neale mentioned that Burke really liked Gaustad’s physical presence. And short of his death or injury, Miller is a lock for the Olympic team. Could one of his BFF’s in Gaustad be joining him? There’s been rumbles about Burke wanting a bigger and badder Team USA.  Time will tell, I guess.

- Did anyone else notice Lindy crack a smile at the end of today’s game? Smiles from Lindy have been a truly rare sight this season.

- I can live with Brian Campbell being named to the All-Star team, but is he really worthy of a starting position? And I say that as someone who owns Campbell on her fantasy hockey team. He’s a perfectly cromulent defenseman, but I’m not convinced he’s worthy of a starting position. And maybe I’m just naively looking at it from the point of view of someone who thinks that the starters should be the cream of the crop, not just the most popular.

- I’m ashamed to admit that I spent way more time during the Winter Classic than I should have contemplating Ty Conklin’s time management skills. In the third period, he utilized the link-up of the final commercial break and the singing of “Take Me Out To The Hockey Game” to meander over to the Red Wings dugout, get his skates fixed and take a whiz. I’m impressed, Mr. Conklin, very impressed. And it also sounds like the ratings for the Classic were pretty impressive as well. Hopefully, the final ratings will be as good as the overnights.

- I can’t believe that the Boston fans booed Sejkera as he was leaving the ice after taking the stick in the bits. Dude was in some serious pain and they’re booing him. Though I’m glad to see he recovered and was back on the ice. I did get a giggle out of Harry Neale’s euphemisms explaining where Sejkera got hit. Yes, I’m 12. And speaking of injuries, what the heck was up with Max’s mysterious “lower-body injury”? He was involved in a perfectly innocent collision with Chara and then suddenly was gone from the game.

- And Sidney Crosby fought and got 19 penalty minutes during today’s Pens / Panthers game. Sid’s getting a little pissy at how the Pens are playing. Alright, Captain Sid; take some of your aggression out on your teammates and not the opposition.


From the Crowd

December 5, 2008

Dear Mr. Bettman,

I’m not upset that you suspended Sean Avery for six games and sent him for anger management analysis. Nope, not upset about that at all. What does bother me is that you invoked the sacred “what about the children?!?!?!?” line in your rationale for suspending Mr. Avery. Seriously? Of all the things you could have used as rationale (and the above link does detail some very nice and well thought out reasons), you have to go all cliche and invoke the children? I’m sure the children you’re so concerned about would be able to tell you what sloppy seconds are, as kids are more aware of things than even kids were when I was growing up.




Dear Lindy and Ryan,

Can I please be a fly on the wall when you two hash out your differences over last night’s loss?

Pretty please? I’ll even bring enough snacks for you two as well. I’m nice like that.




Dear Mike,

I hope you at least get the airline miles credit for your voyage from Portland to Miami and back again.




Dear Derek,

I’m going to regret asking this, but is letting someone else operate your joystick in public a normal activity for you?I would think that invades about 19 kinds of personal space and some public decency laws.

Seriously confused,



Dear Ryan.

I hope you channel some of the pissiness you’re undoubtedly feeling right now into tomorrow night’s game. I’m feeling a one goal game from you. Maybe, you could even channel some of your anger towards your teammates. They need to score more goals than you let in. Go ahead and review basic math with them if you have to.

I’m getting tired of writing pissy and whiny post and in-between game posts.




That’s What He Said

December 3, 2008

- I’m finding the whole Sean Avery “sloppy seconds” situation pretty comical. I mean, should Avery have said what he said in front of the media? That’s a resounding NO. But should the NHL have stepped in and suspended Avery? Probably not. By stepping in, the league took what should have been a quietly handled team matter and thrust it even further into the spotlight. All the league would have had to have said is that “the Stars are handling it, but we’ve discussed this situation with their management, and have given our input on the matter blahblahblah Colin Campbell cakes” Now, because the league has stepped in, discussions of whether the league is being hypocritical are now hitting the media and the blogosphere. I mean, the League doesn’t have a consistent standard when it comes to suspension-worthy infractions, or suspension length. Someone executes a late hit, and they’re given a slap on the wrist, but someone else calls their ex-girlfriend a skanky ho, and they’re suspended indefinitely.

What’s also adding to the hilarity is the MSM’s creative editing of the term “sloppy seconds.” Could some people take offense to such a term? Yes, and I’m sure some people are. But at the same time, that phrase is at the heart of the story. Removing that phrase and substituting a euphemism like cheap tart, or removing the phrase and bracketing in [euphemism for loose woman] is really taking away the main reason why this story is even a story at all.

And to think that if Avery had just kept his mouth shut to the media and made his comments to Phaneuf on the ice, none of this would have happened. Ok, so Avery might have been Phaneuf’d into the fourth row during last night’s game, but there would be 97% less pearl clutching going on this morning.

I did like Lindy’s comments on Avery-gate:

“We always talk to our players about how much pride they have to take in representing the Buffalo Sabres, the organization and themselves. I do it every year at the start of training camp … We’re in a unique situation here in that we’re a lot closer to our fans than in a lot of cities. I want our fans and our young followers to be proud of the way our players handle themselves.”

Obviously Lindy has not seen any of his boys on Chippewa.

And why do I have a feeling that the plane ride to Florida is going to include a brief lecture from the Sabres PR department about how to conduct oneself in front of the media or just out in public? I mean, the ish hit the fan last year when Soupy busted out with the Expletive Deleted Stupid Ice Bowl comments at the Buckin Buffalo, and that was relatively minor compared with how the league is viewing the Avery situation.

- Moving on, why does the Lindy Roast at WGR’s Whiney awards sound like it could be a barrel of laughs?

- I’m not sure that I like this “fresh start” crap that the Sabres are spewing. Do they need to forget the past couple of games? Probably. But at the same time, they shouldn’t forget the streak they went on to start the season? Remember that? It was when Buffalo was having fun with their sports teams, instead of running around looking for bandwagons to jump off of. I did like that Rivet skated in the post-meeting practice despite being injured. Now that’s a leader.


Dancing With Henrik

November 13, 2008

Today’s practice notes on contained this gem:

The Sabres enjoyed a laugh at the expense of defenseman Henrik Tallinder following practice.

As players entered the locker room, a video of the blueliner’s goal looped to Chubby Checker’s version of “The Twist.”

Tallinder scored a goal for the first time since March 15, 2008 in last night’s win against the Blues, and celebrated with an unconventional move.

“He’s never going to want to score again” Clarke MacArthur quipped after seeing the video.

“I just can’t stop watching it,” Jason Pominville added. “It’s hilarious.”

Here’s the link to the video of Tallinder’s little jig. Twist music not included. I can just imagine Pommers standing in front of that ginormous TV set in the locker transfixed by the whole thing.

Tallinder didn’t do a bad job of moving his hips and staying in rhythm. Could an appearance on Dancing With the Stars be in his future, once his playing career is over?

Also worth noting from the team today is that Peters was given the ceremonial pigeon for his performance in last night’s game.

And Timmy has a bruised chest, but no head trauma after last night’s hit from Tkachuk. I would bet that he doesn’t play tomorrow but plays on Saturday, but only time will tell.


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