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September 15, 2007

I did it. I decided to finally bite the bullet and sign up for a blog. I love the idea of having my own space online. Expect me to talk about life, racing, hockey, friends, family, music…and a heck of a lot more hockey.

Sabres training camp started Friday. I’m excited that the guys are back on the ice. Hopefully, that means everyone (fans, media, Bucky-frickin-Gleason, etc) will shut their yaps about how the loss of Briere and Drury (the slag faced whores) will mean the end of hockey in Buffalo. I really think that we have a great group of guys that are going to give 100% on and off the ice. Let’s return to the days of the hardest working team in hockey.

It also came out that Sabres defenceman Teppo Numminen is having heart surgery this week to have a heart valve replaced. This announcement was immediately followed by the Sabres announcing Numminen’s suspension for failure to report to camp in good physical condition. I understand why the Sabres had to suspend Teppo, but it was a really shitty PR move. They were damned if they did, and damned if they didn’t. I just hope that Teppo comes through the surgery alright; its more important for him to be around for his family, than to play defence for the Sabres.

And now for the really big news…

I just bought Sabres tickets! I’m going to the night-before-Thanksgiving game against Ottawa, and a game in February 08 against Philly. Yay!

Now I just need to work on the ‘rents for Ice Bowl tickets as my birthday present!