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Watching the Emmys

September 17, 2007

Emmy night. Couple of thoughts after watching the 2 hours of pre-show coverage and the actual show itself.

  • Lisa Rinna’s lips scare me. Its like they just take over her face.
  • Ryan Seacrest is pretty. He should just concentrate on being pretty and hosting Idol. He comes across as trying to hard to fit in, and it was totally skeezy how he kept mentioning that Hayden Panetierre just turned 18.
  • Loved the Family Guy opening with Brian and Stewie. Of course, everything they sang about was true.
  • Katherine Heigl of Grey’s was flirting with the bitch line. People know who you are. No need to correct the announcer-person that they mispronounced your name while you’re up presenting another award. Also, no need to bring it up when you win!
  • The Fox censors were hyper-sensitive last night. Cutting away from Ray Romano and his comment about his wife and Kelsey Grammar. Cutting away from Katharine Heigl when she said “shit” after she won, bleeping Sally Field and g-dammed. Sheesh, watch a hockey game. More profanity flies there than on some awards show broadcast, and more children are probably watching that. (Then again, I did think it was rather suspicious that my Media Buying Academy e-newsletter was all about Fox and profanity/obscenity and how we all should boycott the Fox network).
  • I don’t think Sally Field was wrong to make a statement about wars. She wasn’t calling out specific wars in general, she wasn’t calling our leadership out, she was just saying war sucks, which I think we all can agree on.
  • Did not like Kate Walsh’s hair. The side-swoopy ponytail thingy is not a good look…for anyone.
  • What was up with the sternum bearing dresses on some of these women? I know the saying is “if you got it, flaunt it,” but at the same time, if you don’t got it, don’t flaunt it. Sternums are not cool!
  • It was kind of funny how the entire audience gasped when 30 Rock won their award. Talk about unexpected awards.