Keeping a lid on it

September 18, 2007

JP Losman shot his mouth off in the media this week. He blamed the Bills loss to Pittsburgh last weekend on the playcalling. Not his shitty passing, missed opportunities, bad blocking, immobility or anything else under his control. It probably was not one of his better moves, considering its now Tuesday, and the media is still beating this specific horse (I know you’re thinking, Buffalo media, beat a dead horse, never!).

It was so bad, the boys at WGR asked Ryan Miller about it during his pre-Ice Bowl radio tour. Miller took the high road, dancing around the specific situation, but saying that Losman was treading a thin line between airing the team’s dirty laundry and handling something like an adult. He commented that you have to know when to choose your venue and what to speak and how to speak it. (Duh.) Spoken like someone who gets what it means to wear the “C” on your chest. Yeah, I know goalies can’t wear a C, but that’s another discussion for another time.

Either way, methinks that Losman has had a come to jeebus meeting, whether it was with Jauron and/or Levy.

Speaking of Miller, I happened to catch a good chunk of his Entercom media tour this morning. My favorite moment happened during the interview on Star, who was accepting listener questions. A caller by the name of B. Campbell wanted to know why Miller was not giving his teammates 50% off at his clothing store, The Refinery (also known as Crunchy’s Big 10 Fashion Emporium). Miller replied that he has to operate a business and you can’t be giving discounts all willy-nilly. He’s just trying to be the best professional business owner that he can be, I guess. I also want to point out that whomever this B. Campbell is, he apparently hasn’t learned the Miller motto about life not just being about driving around and buying stuff.

Anyway, I wasn’t a fan of Losman’s comments. Blaming the coaching is not cool. Keep it behind closed doors…at least this early in the season. Or else you might find your tushie on the bench while a rookie named Trent Edwards gets to play.


  1. Man, that Crunchy is always good for a laugh, isn’t he? Where would we be without his life motto? I suppose he’d counter with “life can’t all be about laughing about Ryan Miller on hockey blogs”, but I’d disagree!

  2. Crunchy is no laughing matter. He works tirelessly at being the best professional butt of all our jokes that he can possibly be.

  3. methinks ur right.

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