He Wasn’t Right

September 19, 2007

Lindy finally explained the reason for Afinogenov’s benching during the playoffs last season. Seems Max flipped over on his head during a pre-game soccer drill and “wasn’t right” after that. It’s never a good sign when your coach says that you’re touched in the head.

But, while the players may have stopped that day’s pre-game soccer drill after Max flipped, they were right at it the next day.  Not that hockey players are creatures of routine or anything. I’ve seen videos of these soccer games going on, and they appear to be quite harmless, which makes the fact that Max flipped on his noggin all the more remarkable.


Also included in the Snooze this morning was a recap of Lindy’s lines. Looks like he’s sticking with the R-A-V line, which performed well. He’s also tinkering with a Timmy-Pommers-Kotalik line (Don’t know how I feel about that one, yet). I’m kind of excited about the rumored Goose-Staffy-Hecht line. That could be something to see, and could also have the potential to be the hit first, ask questions later line.


One comment

  1. I just… How exactly did Max end up on his head?! What the heck was he doing? I can’t decide if this is hilarious or pathetic.

    I think Al-Timmy-Poms will be a-ok. Timmy and Al have shown good chemistry in the past and I think both Al and Poms need a strong set-up man. I love Goose-Hecht-Staffy. Three guys who take their defense seriously but can score and will throw the body if necessary.

    But we’ll see if this sticks. Lindy’s a tinkerer.

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