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September 20, 2007

According to the Buffalo News, WGR fired Brad Riter this week, for allegedly not showing up to work.

The little bit that I listened to WGR, I liked Riter. He was one of the few jocks that wouldn’t act like an insufferable ass to callers just because the callers disagreed with his point of view. And, he hosted the Paul Gaustad Show, which always made for a few good clips from the WGR audio vault.

Without hearing both sides of the story, you never know who is in the right (and Buffalo media is notorious for only reporting one side of the story). I do find it suspicious that a WGR jock got fired the same week that John Murphy was done at Channel 7. Of course, it could be difficult for Murph to work on WGR, considering his role as “Voice of the Bills” on a competing radio group.