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I Got My Tickets

September 24, 2007

My tickets for the Sabres/Sens and Sabres/Flyers came in the mail today!



Oh, Poz

September 24, 2007

And the hits just keep on coming. Not only did JP Losman get hurt during yesterday’s Bills/Pats game, the Poz (Paul Posluszny) broke his arm later in the game. That’s the 5th starter the Bills have lost on defense this year, and about the 82nd player they’ve lost to an injury this season. I’m not too concerned about JP’s injury, since he seemed to be going for the Oscar on the sidelines. He was walking around, and grimacing, clutching the leg while taking snaps, etc. And if the coaching staff can calm down Edwards’ rookie jitters, he might be a pretty good JP stand-in.

The Poz’s injury sucks. Rookie year, doing a pretty good job, and his arm snaps. The following Poz quote came from this morning’s Buffalo News, and pretty much cemented my love for the guy:

“I can’t believe this happened,” said the second-round draft pick. “We’re playing the Patriots, a great team. You want to be out there. I don’t care about the arm. The worst part about it is they brought me here to do a job, to play middle linebacker for the defense, and now I’m not [going to]. . . . That’s what hurts the most. Those guys are going to be out there, they’re fighting hard, doing everything they can to win and to not be able to help the cause is the hardest part.”

For a rookie to have that kind of work ethic, to be worried not about himself and his health, but instead to be worried about the team and his job, is pretty amazing in this day of overpaid, spoiled athletes. His reaction reminds me a lot of Gaustad’s after his injury last year, in that Goose was pretty upset not about his season potentially being over, but that he wouldn’t be able to be on the ice helping his teammates and that he felt like he let the fans down by getting hurt.

Sigh. You didn’t let me down. Just have a good surgery, recover well, and drink some damn milk so more bones don’t snap.

ETA: Poz was placed on injured reserve today. Damn. Oh well, at least he’ll still be doing those insanely adorable TWC commercials.