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Pictures from Saturday

September 30, 2007

I really hope these work. I may have more later, depending on how some more editing comes out.

Clean Ice

  • Happiness is a clean sheet of ice.


  • Everyone milling around, behaving themselves. This was before it was announced that Sid wasn’t playing.

Clean Up

  • Goose cleans out the net while Miller meditates or something.

Roy stretching

  • Derek Roy tries to avoid being the poster-boy for 1-800-owmygroin


  • Practicing crashing the net on Miller in the pre-game.


  • Goose looses his hat while crashing the net on the powerplay.  Interesting to note that Goose was playing on a line with Afinogenov and Paille.


  • He didn’t get the memo about wearing his jersey, but oh well. He cleans up nice.


  • Note the pink shirt on Patches, which contrasts nicely with the owie by his left eye.

Oh, Sid

September 30, 2007

My cold, dead, cynical heart is melting for you.

As posted here last night, he was a scratch in the Sabres/Pens game. Yet, he still made the road trip to Buffalo. Why? Because its a Saturday night, and he had nothing better to do.

Oh, Sid. Come to Buffalo. There’s plenty of people waiting to show you what to do on a Saturday night.