Oh, Sid

September 30, 2007

My cold, dead, cynical heart is melting for you.

As posted here last night, he was a scratch in the Sabres/Pens game. Yet, he still made the road trip to Buffalo. Why? Because its a Saturday night, and he had nothing better to do.


Oh, Sid. Come to Buffalo. There’s plenty of people waiting to show you what to do on a Saturday night.


  1. I laughed (and cried) when I read this little blurb too, Amy! Poor, Sid. It seems he’s powerless without the full use of his groin. How can any twenty-year-old, reasonably attractive, MILLIONAIRE superstar be this socially hapless? Poor little Sid.

  2. Every time I think we’re being to hard on Sid and making things up that make him sound pathetic, he goes and has a story like this written about him and I realize I can be ten zillion times harder on him before it becomes too much. Poor, poor Sid!

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