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He Wasn’t Right

September 19, 2007

Lindy finally explained the reason for Afinogenov’s benching during the playoffs last season. Seems Max flipped over on his head during a pre-game soccer drill and “wasn’t right” after that. It’s never a good sign when your coach says that you’re touched in the head.

But, while the players may have stopped that day’s pre-game soccer drill after Max flipped, they were right at it the next day.  Not that hockey players are creatures of routine or anything. I’ve seen videos of these soccer games going on, and they appear to be quite harmless, which makes the fact that Max flipped on his noggin all the more remarkable.

Also included in the Snooze this morning was a recap of Lindy’s lines. Looks like he’s sticking with the R-A-V line, which performed well. He’s also tinkering with a Timmy-Pommers-Kotalik line (Don’t know how I feel about that one, yet). I’m kind of excited about the rumored Goose-Staffy-Hecht line. That could be something to see, and could also have the potential to be the hit first, ask questions later line.


Keeping a lid on it

September 18, 2007

JP Losman shot his mouth off in the media this week. He blamed the Bills loss to Pittsburgh last weekend on the playcalling. Not his shitty passing, missed opportunities, bad blocking, immobility or anything else under his control. It probably was not one of his better moves, considering its now Tuesday, and the media is still beating this specific horse (I know you’re thinking, Buffalo media, beat a dead horse, never!).

It was so bad, the boys at WGR asked Ryan Miller about it during his pre-Ice Bowl radio tour. Miller took the high road, dancing around the specific situation, but saying that Losman was treading a thin line between airing the team’s dirty laundry and handling something like an adult. He commented that you have to know when to choose your venue and what to speak and how to speak it. (Duh.) Spoken like someone who gets what it means to wear the “C” on your chest. Yeah, I know goalies can’t wear a C, but that’s another discussion for another time.

Either way, methinks that Losman has had a come to jeebus meeting, whether it was with Jauron and/or Levy.

Speaking of Miller, I happened to catch a good chunk of his Entercom media tour this morning. My favorite moment happened during the interview on Star, who was accepting listener questions. A caller by the name of B. Campbell wanted to know why Miller was not giving his teammates 50% off at his clothing store, The Refinery (also known as Crunchy’s Big 10 Fashion Emporium). Miller replied that he has to operate a business and you can’t be giving discounts all willy-nilly. He’s just trying to be the best professional business owner that he can be, I guess. I also want to point out that whomever this B. Campbell is, he apparently hasn’t learned the Miller motto about life not just being about driving around and buying stuff.

Anyway, I wasn’t a fan of Losman’s comments. Blaming the coaching is not cool. Keep it behind closed doors…at least this early in the season. Or else you might find your tushie on the bench while a rookie named Trent Edwards gets to play.


Ice Bowl…its official

September 18, 2007

And yesterday the NHL finally confirmed the worst kept secret in Western NY. January 1. Ralph Wilson Stadium. Sidney Crosby and the Penguins versus Ryan Miller and the Buffalo Sabres. Outdoors. The Ice Bowl. Or, as Rob Lucas from Star 102.5 called it the “Amp Energy Winter Classic Really Big Outdoor Game.” Or words to that effect.

Its great that the first NHL outdoor game in the United States is going to be played in Buffalo. This town lives and dies by its sports teams. Talk radio has already taken the attitude of “Bills suck, so how ’bout them Sabres?” and the season hasn’t started yet. It also says a lot about what the NHL thinks of Buffalo to have this game here. We were the highest rated market for the Cup Finals, and we didn’t even have a team playing.

I can picture it now. A beautifully cold day, a light snow falling, tailgating in the parking lot of the Ralph (c’mon, people show up on Thursday for a Bills game, when are they going to show up for this, especially with New Year’s Eve the night before), watching a great game with 74,000+ of your closest friends. Of course, knowing Buffalo, it will either be 60 degrees and sunny or -12 with a lake effect band settling over the Ralph.

The players seem to be having fun with this whole thing.  Campbell and Miller are upset that they will be missing the tailgating. Miller made the comment that when he played in the Michigan/Michigan State outdoor game, all everyone talked about on campus the week prior was the tailgating festivities. ( I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the players stopped by at some of the early tailgaters and mooched breakfast. Would not be surprised at all).  Andrew Peters said the last time he played outdoors was this summer, when he hauled his PS2 outside to play hockey with his brother.  I did have to laugh at the fact that the players at the press conference were in jeans and Sabres polos, while Lindy was told to put on the suit and tie. WGR was giving him some grief about that.

I love the fact that this game is being promoted with snow globes and the tagline of shaking things up. If the NHL were smart, they would sell a copy of the snow globe featured in the ads. I would buy one. But then again, I like shiny, useless objects.

Only one complaint…looking at the photos from the press conference of the event announcement, it looks like the NHL is taking is obsession with piping on apparel to a new level. Even the damn polo shirts have piping on them. What the heck!! I’m not anti-piping by any means, but use it responsibly!


Watching the Emmys

September 17, 2007

Emmy night. Couple of thoughts after watching the 2 hours of pre-show coverage and the actual show itself.

  • Lisa Rinna’s lips scare me. Its like they just take over her face.
  • Ryan Seacrest is pretty. He should just concentrate on being pretty and hosting Idol. He comes across as trying to hard to fit in, and it was totally skeezy how he kept mentioning that Hayden Panetierre just turned 18.
  • Loved the Family Guy opening with Brian and Stewie. Of course, everything they sang about was true.
  • Katherine Heigl of Grey’s was flirting with the bitch line. People know who you are. No need to correct the announcer-person that they mispronounced your name while you’re up presenting another award. Also, no need to bring it up when you win!
  • The Fox censors were hyper-sensitive last night. Cutting away from Ray Romano and his comment about his wife and Kelsey Grammar. Cutting away from Katharine Heigl when she said “shit” after she won, bleeping Sally Field and g-dammed. Sheesh, watch a hockey game. More profanity flies there than on some awards show broadcast, and more children are probably watching that. (Then again, I did think it was rather suspicious that my Media Buying Academy e-newsletter was all about Fox and profanity/obscenity and how we all should boycott the Fox network).
  • I don’t think Sally Field was wrong to make a statement about wars. She wasn’t calling out specific wars in general, she wasn’t calling our leadership out, she was just saying war sucks, which I think we all can agree on.
  • Did not like Kate Walsh’s hair. The side-swoopy ponytail thingy is not a good look…for anyone.
  • What was up with the sternum bearing dresses on some of these women? I know the saying is “if you got it, flaunt it,” but at the same time, if you don’t got it, don’t flaunt it. Sternums are not cool!
  • It was kind of funny how the entire audience gasped when 30 Rock won their award. Talk about unexpected awards.


September 15, 2007

I did it. I decided to finally bite the bullet and sign up for a blog. I love the idea of having my own space online. Expect me to talk about life, racing, hockey, friends, family, music…and a heck of a lot more hockey.

Sabres training camp started Friday. I’m excited that the guys are back on the ice. Hopefully, that means everyone (fans, media, Bucky-frickin-Gleason, etc) will shut their yaps about how the loss of Briere and Drury (the slag faced whores) will mean the end of hockey in Buffalo. I really think that we have a great group of guys that are going to give 100% on and off the ice. Let’s return to the days of the hardest working team in hockey.

It also came out that Sabres defenceman Teppo Numminen is having heart surgery this week to have a heart valve replaced. This announcement was immediately followed by the Sabres announcing Numminen’s suspension for failure to report to camp in good physical condition. I understand why the Sabres had to suspend Teppo, but it was a really shitty PR move. They were damned if they did, and damned if they didn’t. I just hope that Teppo comes through the surgery alright; its more important for him to be around for his family, than to play defence for the Sabres.

And now for the really big news…

I just bought Sabres tickets! I’m going to the night-before-Thanksgiving game against Ottawa, and a game in February 08 against Philly. Yay!

Now I just need to work on the ‘rents for Ice Bowl tickets as my birthday present!