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Oh Captain, My Captain

October 2, 2007

The Sabres announced today that the players voted to do a rotating captain of the month plan. The captain for October is Jochen Hecht. I can’t say that I’m surprised by the selection of Yo-Yo as captain, since he wore the letter twice during the preseason, but what I am surprised at is the decision to do a rotating captain. But if its what the players want, who am I to question, since I’m not in the room.

Hecht is going to be a good captain, I think. He’s got that quiet, calm style and is hardworking on-and-off the ice. I see a lot of Drury-esque qualities in him. Let’s hope that doesn’t extend to slag-faced-whoredom at the end of the season.

No word on who’s going to be wearing the A, but I really hope that Goose or Timmy get one. I would think Timmy’s got a halfway decent shot, as Lindy ordered that Timmy wear a letter for Saturday’s game, despite not having played in the pre-season before Saturday. That to me says confidence in him.