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It’s not quite Muskrat Love, but it’ll do

October 3, 2007

If I didn’t already like Tim Graham’s writing style (hint: he’s not Bucky Gleason), I think I would have become an instant fan based off of the opening graph of his story in today’s Buffalo News:

The Buffalo Sabres declined to roll out a pianist in a sailor’s hat Tuesday afternoon when they announced a captain and a Neale.

Sabres coach Lindy Ruff decided on a monthly captain rotation, and the players voted for winger Jochen Hecht to wear the “C” in October. Then the team introduced noted color commentator Harry Neale as the replacement for the recently retired Jim Lorentz.

Any reporter who can manage to work a 70’s era elevator music reference into an article about hockey, deserves serious kudos. (On a side note, someone should also point that article out to Mr. Buccigross of ESPN. Its a subtle music reference that is relevant to the situation, not some random bit of bitterness because a team didn’t listen to you in the off-season.)

I also like that Graham even went on to interview “broadcasting afficionado” (Graham’s words, not mine), Marty Biron about the Neale announcement. Is there anything that Marty won’t talk about?