October 5, 2007

The past 24 hours have had way too many coincidences in my life for my own good.

In a department meeting yesterday, we mentioned that there were a lot of new people in the building, and emails should be sent out by their supervisors about who they are, where they sit, what they do, etc. Poof. We come out of that meeting, and the emails are sitting in our inboxes.

In that same meeting, we also discussed the return of our boss from medical leave. About an hour after our meeting, poof, she emails us to let us know what’s going on with her.

Then, IPB yesterday had a discussion about the proper nickname for Paul Gaustad (Goose v. Paul/Paulie, which sounds like a Sopranos character). So I’m listening to Gaustad’s show with Schopp and the Bulldog, and they talk about how 43-year-old guys come up to Gaustad when he’s getting coffee and say “hey Goose, what’s up?” Not hey Paul, but hey Goose. Bulldog draws the comparison that he gets called Bulldog when he’s out in public, instead of his given name of Chris. Someone should tell the Bulldog that if you are on a radio show called “Schopp and the Bulldog,” then chances are, people are going to call you Bulldog when you’re out at remotes. Dumbass.

I don’t get too much into the oogy-boogy aspects of life (playoff superstitions aside), but its just really, really weird how all of these things have played out. Maybe I’ll go play the Lotto or something.



  1. I could not believe it when Bulldog told Goose, “I can’t call you Goose”, as if no grown man should go by such a ridiculous name. Your PROFESSIONAL name is BULLDOG you moron! I thought Goose was very charming.

    I also think he likes his nickname!

    Goose, Goose, Goooose!

  2. ooohh, play some lotto! I got $5 on that action.

    and for the record, there’s a shortage of good sports nick names. Goose is awesome. Paul/Paulie is his actual name, so I just can’t count it. Goose stays! Let this be a message to any NHLers reading this blog, stop nicknaming your teammates “last name + er or sie”, it’s dumb.

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