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Now Starring…The Buffalo Sabres

October 13, 2007

I work in advertising, so I’m forced to pay more attention to commercials than the average person. Whether its catching one of your client’s competitor’s commercials, and talking the next morning about how crazy it is and what the heck were they doing buying that show? Don’t they know that show sucks? And so on. Of course, with hockey season now starting, we’re now seeing more and more Sabres in commercials, especially ones airing in-game.

The first commercial we’re going to look at is the granddaddy of them all. Brian Campbell warning us of the dangers of hyperhydrosis.

Oh, Soupy. I hope you were paid handsomely for this commercial. Because the first time this ad ran during a game, we were talking about it the next day at work. And we were not kind. We did not know that hyperhydrosis was such a problem that it required a commercial, let alone its own special medical center. And I wonder what made them choose you for the commercial. Do you have a sweating problem? If so, I guess the new Rbk jerseys and all their difficulties would not be your friend.

As a media planner, I have to wonder who the target audience for this is ad is, since the only time I ever see this commercial is during Sabres games. Are they implying Sabres fans are a sweaty lot? The mind, she is boggled.

Continuing with Soupy, I was made aware of this new commercial for a local card emporium while looking online for an old school CCM style jersey.

I love how this commercial tries to make Campbell appear all threatening. If I were to really read into the symbolism of the commercial, I could say that the checking of the Philly fan could be a replay of his hit on Umberger. Or it could be a subliminal shout-out to the fans of what he’s going do when slag-faced whore #1 comes back to town later this year.

I also enjoy that Soupy is wearing a team sweater minus the team logo. Guess the Sabres did not grant permission for the logo to be used in this ad. It has that great “local commercial feel” as one of my professors once put it. (its a polite way of saying low-tech).

The same card place also has another commercial featuring Andrew Peters.

For some reason, I find Peters wanting a Poz jersey pretty funny. Between that, and the fake punching, this has the potential to become comedy gold.

Moving into the PSA category, we have Paul Gaustad’s version of “give a hoot, read a book.”

I do have to commend Goose for getting involved in a PSA, rather than a for-profit commercial like his teammates. Unlike the previous commercials, this one also has special guest stars, with Nathan Paetsch, Marty Biron and Sabretooth reading along. The oddest image from this ad is Marty Biron in full goalie gear reading a book in the crease. Everyone else is in street clothes, but Marty’s in gear. An artistic choice by Marty? (Marty could probably have read half the contents of the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library had he been allowed to read while sitting on the bench.)

And this commercial also left us with the immortal truth that books are the foundation of reading. The moral of the story is make like Goose and go read a book.

The season is still young yet, which means many more opportunities for your favorite players to appear in ads. Stay tuned to your sets.