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Yo-Yo-Yo! Hecht re-ups.

October 16, 2007

Big, big, news out of the Buffalo this morning. Jochen Hecht signed a 4-year extension with Buffalo today, keeping him in the blue and gold through 2010-11. Now, why is this such a big deal? Its because the Sabres previously chose to take a stance of not negotiating contracts during the season, fearing that it would disrupt the room. Well, after last year’s Drury/Briere fiasco, I think management learned their lesson. Regier talked last night during the game about how you can only hit the Rochester well so many times before it dries up, that you need to work with the talent you have.

All in all, this is a good move by Regier. He’s locking up veteran leadership for the next few years. I hope he can complete the UFA trifecta and sign Kalinin and Campbell.

Looking at the Sabres salary chart, the team looks to be in good shape for next season. The end of the 08-09 season may cause fans to jump from the Skyway, as Miller, Afinogenov, Spacek, Kotalik, Timmy and Lydman are all UFA’s. But we’re not going to panic…yet.  (I’m a Buffalo fan. Pessimism is in my blood).


Sabres v. Leafs – 10/15/07

October 16, 2007

Monday nights are not a good night for hockey in my household. I’m exiled to the computer room to watch the game, as the mom unit is watching Dancing with the Stars in the living room on the big TV. Of course, this leads to comedy gold, as I’m screaming at the TV about Goose getting called for diving (more on that later), while she thinks I’m screaming about Dancing with the Stars which I’m not watching! Not to mention that I have to DVR Heroes and catch up after (and I was disappointed in last night’s episode, if only because it did not meet the previous couple of episodes quotient of shirtless Milo Ventimiglia.)

Anyways, Sabres v. Leafs is always guaranteed to be an entertaining game. I don’t know if its because the two teams are so close geographically, or because we play each other eight times per year, or because the Buffalo arena is invaded by our friends from Canada, but there’s a different energy for Toronto games than there is for other games. I know a lot of the season ticket holders sell their tickets for the Toronto games (which pays for a good chunk of their season tickets) but perhaps the front office may want to rethink variable pricing for a Monday night game. The cheapest ticket was $68. I love hockey, but my wallet can’t take hits like that.

The first two periods were not memorable for the Sabres. I’m still puzzled as to how Goose was called for diving. The man is 6’4, 230. He was hit and fell down. Its not like he pulled a Derek Roy and tripped over the blue line and embellished accordingly. The crowd didn’t like the call, and now Goose has a letter in his permanent record that he was called for diving.

Derek Roy. Keep your damn mouth shut. If you want to insult the refs or bitch and moan to them, don’t! I thought Lindy was going to hurt you when you got called for that unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. You had such a great preseason, scoring goals, and wore the C twice. You’re making the coach and the fans doubt your leadership capabilities when you start whining like a little girl to the refs.

Jason Blake. This man’s attitude and demeanor is amazing me. If I were ever diagnosed with cancer, I’d probably be curled up in my bed under the covers, not wanting to come out. Instead, this man is living his life with a great attitude, and is continuing to play professional hockey while undergoing treatment. Modern medicine is truly amazing.

I know the phrase “taking one for the team” is a common one in sports, but Thiebault literally took one for the team last night. As the Versus announcers put it, he was going to be singing falsetto for awhile. Miller looked almost serene about potentially having to step in and play. He reminded me of Clark Kent, ripping of his ski cap and buckling on his gloves (with the ski cap inside the catching glove).

The other interesting news coming out of last night’s game is that Jochen Hecht may have signed a 4-year contract extension. Paul Hamilton of WGR confirmed that there is no deal signed yet, but they are negotiating. Does this mean that Darcy learned his lesson with the Briere / Drury fiasco? One can only hope.

I’m also glad that the Sabres are not on Versus every night. If I had to see that Briere commercial one more time, I may have to hurt someone. I also don’t need to be reminded every five minutes that Toronto is in white (that big maple leaf on their sweater is a pretty big clue who they are) or Buffalo in blue.

Finally, thank you Brian McCabe for putting the puck in your own net.