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Out and About In the Media

October 18, 2007

There’s been a few interesting articles popping up in the media lately. I’ll start with the warm and fuzzy one and then work my way up to the “I want to gouge my eyes out with a spork” ones.

TSN’s reporting that Vinny LeCavalier is donating $3 million US to fund a cancer center at a newly built children’s hospital in St. Petersburg, FL. What a classy gesture. I love reading stories like these in the press, rather than stories about athletes getting arrested or fathering their 7th child with the 6th woman and not paying child support. Note to the media: warm and fuzzy stories on occasion are good.

The Buffalo News is reporting this morning that the Bills would like to play some pre-season or regular season games in Toronto. May I give a hearty “WTF Ralph?!” to this idea? We are the Buffalo Bills. Buffalo. Not Buffalo, Toronto and Surrounding Area Bills. We are the only team that currently plays its games in NY State (sorry, Jets and Giants. Its all about location, location, location.) Training camp is already held in Rochester, as the team wanted to make them a regional attraction and grow the Rochester fan base. Moving a game or two to Toronto is going to do nothing more than start the rumors flying that when Ralph dies, the team is moving to Toronto.

And can the media please not create a quarterback controversy between Trent Edwards and JP Losman? Whomever is playing the best should have the job. If the coaching staff thinks that JP is rusty and needs to sit out another week, then so be it. They’re the guys in the room and on the field. The media and the fans are not. Let Edwards play and see what happens. The Bills are in a pretty good situation, in that no matter who starts, they have a competent back up ready to go.

Now on to the spork gouging.

Bucky Gleason wrote the Buffalo News’ writeup of the Hecht signing. Of course, the Buckster forgot that it was a news article and not a column, and again had to twist the knife of not signing Briere and Drury in his opening graphs. Are we really going to keep hearing about this off-season in every column he wrtes? Regier could have a cure for cancer figured out, but it wouldn’t matter to Bucky, since Briere and Drury weren’t re-signed. Sigh. He reminds me of Bucci in his single-minded focus.

And speaking of Bucci, for all he touts his new book “Jonesy,” its a little pithy. I was at Barnes and Noble yesterday, and they had it on the display table at the front of the store. Its thin, with big font, and for all he carries on, his name’s in tiny font on the cover. Not exactly what I was expecting after all the pimping in his columns.

And finally, the cover of yesterday’s Toronto Sun is a little harsh. I feel bad for McCabe (just a little).