Friday Night Follies – Columbus v. Buffalo

October 19, 2007

Couple of things from tonight’s Sabres / CBJ’s game.

– RJ made it a whole 1:11 into the game before shedding his Coaches v. Cancer tie. Considering RJ never wears a tie, making it that far is quite the accomplishment. My mother observed that all of the Sabres coaches had on dark suits as well. Combined with the matching ties, she said they looked like they escaped from some boys boarding school.

– Harry Neale has given me my new favorite quote: being a hockey coach is like being a jackass in a hailstorm: you have no choice but to stand around and take it. I will work a version of this quote into my real life, since sadly, sometimes being a media planner works the same way, especially this time of year.

– The first intermission feature was all about Yo-Yo. His teammates weighed in with their opinions, and they all came to the conclusion that he’s quiet and likes movies. Goose has made it his personal goal to make Hecht (or Yokes, as Goose called him) smile in the mornings, as Yo-Yo’s not a morning person. Goose also shared the story about the last movie they watched on a plane together: Saw 3. They only made it about 5 minutes before Goose was clutching Yo-Yo’s arm, and they had to switch to another movie because they couldn’t handle it.

– Rayzor pointed out that Peca / Foote / Federov were directing traffic on the Columbus bench tonight. While he did say that if Hitchcock didn’t approve, it wouldn’t be happening; it sounds like this could be something that innocently starts out as veterans being leaders, but then turns into a veterans v. coaches rebellion. Maybe Hitchy could be an entry into the next coach fired derby?

– Miller played a decent game tonight. I really thought the team would rally after he stopped Nash on the penalty shot (and I’m surprised Tallinder did not get called for slamming his stick on the ice when the shot was called). Usually, a stop on a penalty shot rallies a team, but not this time.

– Miller also had two unintentionally funny moments tonight. The first occurred when the puck headed into the Sabres zone in the middle of the second period. The puck is chilling out behind the net, and there’s a good 5-7 second lapse before anyone in blue shows up to claim the puck, as they were in the middle of a line change. The CBJ’s get the puck and put it on net. Miller grabs the puck, and the camera zooms in on him, as he’s yelling, and shaking his head. I can’t read lips through a goalie mask, but the message his non-verbal communication was giving out was something along the lines of “do I have to do fucking everything myself?”

– The second unintentionally funny moment occurred when Miller drew the tripping penalty. He was whacked gently in the back of the calves. There was this two second pause, and then Miller wobbled like a little weeble, and fell down, throwing his arms up in the air. I wonder if he is taking a class at the Derek Roy School of OverActing and Embellishment?

Speaking of that school, I think Goose may be a pupil as well. When he was called for interference in the third period, he immediately put this angelic look on his face. It was a total “who me?” moment. Very Derek Roy.

– I want to end this post on an upbeat note. The broadcast did reveal the new Sabres team photo. Following previous year’s photos, this year’s is in the lets-all-line-up-along-the-bench-in various-states-of-undress style. Its a very nice photo, although Crunchy’s hair is kind of funky, Timmy’s head is really shiny, and Thiebault’s goalie gear is very bright. This photo is definitely on the shopping list for the game I go to in November.

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