Make New Friends

October 19, 2007

One of the great things about the internet is the ability to bring people together that would normally have never met. I’ve become friends with people from across the country because of a little message board devoted to Champcar racing called OffCamber. Not only do these people know their stuff about racing, but they also have become my go-to source about beer, baseball, technology problems and the occasional entertainment review.

I’ve only met one person offline from OffCamber. It was at an Indians game in Cleveland, and we had a good time.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Yesterday, I met up with the amazing Kate, Pookie and Schnookie to watch hockey, make fun of hockey players and to my surprise, cook some organic delights from the Lexington Co-Op. (Note to self, don’t ever buy Moochi unless you feel the need to re-tile your bathroom or create a backsplash mosaic in your kitchen. Moochi is this organic soy stuff that comes in both sweet and savory flavors and is supposed to – I think – be like a puffed cracker or cookie product. I call false advertising on that one.)

We watched the Devils / Flyers game, with the added highlight of the Rangers getting their ass handed to them by the formerly 0-6 Thrashers. (That’s got to sting in NY this morning). Schnookie predicted at the start of the night that the score would be 4-0 Flyers, since Brodeur was playing back-to-back nights on a road trip. At the end of the night, she was right, unfortunately. (I had to use the last name to refer to the Devils goalie, since I don’t want a repeat performance of the one-true-Marty speech). Its not for a lack of effort on the Devils part, it just wasn’t their night. Or, its all part of the team’s super-secret plan to get Sutter fired.

This game was also my first introduction to Doc Emrick outside of the national broadcasts, and he’s so much better doing the Devils games. Its a lot better when he’s not playing to the lowest common denominator in the audience. I also enjoyed the color commentating of Chico, as he has a great knack for stating the obvious or saying the most random things (which did a lot to enliven up the Devils loss).

We also had a lot of really good laughs about Drew Stafford’s musical capabilities. Please refer to the Willful Caboose for a recap of those abilities. I’m still traumatized by the leopard print pants and bad wig to say anything further. I currently have his new musical project playing, and its um…interesting. I may not be able to listen to Jack Johnson (musician, not hockey player) for awhile, however.
After leaving Katebits Manor, I’m not ashamed to admit that I made a detour on my way home to drive past the alleged CrunchyManor and the alleged GooseManor. Granted, it was dark, but CrunchyManor looked kind of creepy. I may have to revisit this in the daytime to make a further determination.

On an unrelated note, Senators forward Nick Foligno scored his first NHL goal last night. His goalie celebration was a mimic of his father Mike’s celebration: a straight-up jump into the air. It was a great way to honor his father, and way cool that Sportscenter picked up on his and montaged it with his father’s highlights.



  1. It was so exciting to meet you last night! The interwebs are such a fantastic way to meet friends. Mochi, a less fantastic way to meet friends… Hee hee! Anyway, I’m very glad to hear you giving non-VS Doc some love; he really is much better when he’s not under direct orders to pander. And Chico… well, what’s there to say about him? He’s like a mermaid — but a man — a merman!

  2. It was so exciting to meet you last night! I had such a great time that I barely even noticed the Devils game (although admittedly that might have more to do with the injection of glee we all got during the second intermission and got to hear Al Trautwig intone funereally about the Rangers score). I’m also glad to hear you stopped by at Crunchy’s; it really wasn’t the time of day that made it look creepy, though…

  3. Hooray, last night was so fun! I hope we can do it again soon!

  4. Amy, I’m so sorry I couldn’t hang with you guys that night! I was disappointed when I found out you were there too. You, Kate, and I will have to get together to watch a game one of these nights.

    I loved Nick Foligno doing the Foligno Leap. Totally adorable.

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