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Good News / Bad News

October 24, 2007

Good News: I went to the dentist today. No cavities. 🙂

Bad News: My dentist sounds like a combination of Afinogenov and Spacek. Very disconcerting.

Good News: I have a new Sabres sweater. It was a birthday gift from the ‘rents. Its a Stafford one, since apparently, it is next to impossible to find a Men’s small blue Gaustad sweater in the CCM style in the Buffalo area.

Bad News: Nothing on this front, although I tripped over the fan cord while Pommerdoodling over the new sweater. 😳

Good News: There was a Sabres game tonight.

Bad News: How much time ya got?

  • They need to stay the heck out of the penalty box. Granted there were a few penalties the refs shouldn’t have called (Lydman’s delay of game for the bouncing puck going off the glass), but these guys are taking stupid, stupid penalties. Its hard to come back from a deficit when you’re spending time in a 4-on-5 situation. And Andrew Peters, I floved you earlier this week after your smackdown of Janet Snyder, but I may have to take that flove back, after I realized that your TOI was equivalent to your time in the penalty box. Real good, Petey, real good.
  • Tri’s injury. It was a completely innocuous and accidental hit with Brind’Amour, but anytime you hit knee to knee, its not going to end well for someone. Thankfully Spacek’s coming back soon from his injury, because I don’t know if having Hank / Toni and Patches / Sekara as your two defensive pairs (with Soupy floating), is going to do much.
  • Goose’s injury. Judging by the replay I saw he took Commodore’s stick in the eye. I hope nothing serious is wrong, and he’ll be back in the lineup quickly. We need his size and body in front of the net on the powerplay. I remember reading that after Goose took a stick in the face last year, his grandfather the optomotrist (or opthomologist, I can’t remember which) was yelling at him to wear a visor. Maybe now he’ll listen. On a shallow note, why does the pretty need to get hurt in the face? (ETA: This morning’s Snooze is reporting that Goose’s eye is swollen shut and bruised, and that he required 5 stitches. Status is day-to-day.)
  • You know it’s been a long night when Timmy Connolly gets the Carubba Collision award. Timmy Connolly of the softest noggin in sports. Brain does not compute.
  • The Sabres need to seriously consider the Spanish phrase “no moleste, por favor.” (don’t bother me, please). That’s the message the Sabres need to deliver to opponents. If Miller gets molested in front of / behind / near the net, you smack the snot out of Chester the Molester. You don’t let them keep on a whacking. Do we need to have a good touch, bad touch lecture with the team? Be tough. Stand up for Miller, who for the past few games has done everything but stand on his head and burp the alphabet for this team.
  • I almost wonder if the schadenfuede that we are exhibiting regarding the Rangers suckitude is coming back to bite us regarding the Sabres (hopefully temporary) suckitude?

What the Mascot Did

October 24, 2007

I’m a sucker for totally random videos like these.

Sabretooth’s Summer Vacation

Then again, I’m usually a sucker for wacky mascot antics.