A Letter Or Two

October 27, 2007

Dear Goose –

You may be my s,pw. You may be absolutely brilliant in front of the net on the powerplay. You may even be rocking the shiner and scruff look. But alas, we have a problem. You see, you took a stick in the eye the other night, and most of Buffalo (oh, alright, just Sabres fans), was worried about your eyesight. There was quite the ruckus about you wearing a visor when you played, to prevent injuries like this from happening again.

Well sir, imagine my surprise when I turn on the game tonight and find that you are not wearing a visor. You removed it after one game. One game, Goose. I don’t get it. You admitted that your current injury could have been avoided had you been wearing one that night, but yet you remove it.

Goose, if this reckless disregard for your safety (and pretty) continues, we may have to have a talk.

K? Thanks! Bye.

Dear Buffalo Fans –

We won. Stop fucking arguing over whether Patches was offside on the game-winning goal. It doesn’t matter, and it makes us look like ungrateful idiots.



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