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Oh Captain, My Captain – November Edition

November 1, 2007

The Sabres announced yesterday that Toni (Tony Tone) Lydman is their captain for the month of November. I’m intrigued by this announcement, as Lydman was not at the top of people’s lists to be captain. Heck, I’m not even sure he was on some people’s lists.

Unlike October’s captaincy, the November award was a coach’s decision, meaning Lindy and JP have to see something that we do not. They mentioned that they’re rewarding consistency. Lydman’s stats so far don’t indicate that he’s the caliber defenseman we know he is, but he obviously is doing something in the room that the coaches like.

I also like how we’re getting more insight into the inner workings of the team through these announcements. The News this morning mentions that Lydman doesn’t deliver unsolicited advice. Miller and Hank seem to handle the talking, while Spacek handles the yelling. I’m sorry, I love Spacek interviews, but if I can’t understand Spacho when he’s talking, how do his teammates understand him when he’s yelling? Or is he just the crazy mumbling guy in the room, like in Blazing Saddles?

Lydman’s reaction to being named captain is cracking me up. The last time he was a captain was during his junior days in Finland. His only change is that he has more body hair now. If he keeps granting interviews like that, we could be in for a very entertaining month.

November’s going to be a tough month: 13 games in 28 days. That’s great for the fans, who are mighty tired of this Monday / Thursday / Tuesday scheduling nonsense, but it could be tiring for the guys. Then there’s the fact that this month is so heavy on the divisional games. 10 of the 13 games are against Boston / Ottawa / Montreal / Toronto. And of those games, 4 are against Montreal. (Can the mighty scheduling gods please tell me why if you play 8 games a season against a particular team, you must put 4 of them in one month?). Ottawa and Montreal games are always entertaining, but they could be spread out more throughout the season. Its like food, eat too much of one particular food that’s your favorite, and suddenly, you don’t like it so much anymore and need a break from it.

I started this post with Whitman, and I’m going to end with Whitman.

A great scene from a great movie.