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I Think I’ll Go to Boston – Sabres v. Bruins

November 2, 2007

Last night’s game was pretty entertaining, despite the outcome. The first period was a draw between the two teams. Second period was clearly all Boston. The third period was more Buffalo, and I’m declaring Boston the winner of OT only because they won the game (on their only shot of the OT.)

Couple of things of note:

– Miller played a lousy game. Sadly, this was an image we saw all too often during the game: our goalie with the puck behind him.

The second Bruins goal should not have gotten through. You know Miller wanted that one back, badly. I read in the paper this morning that Miller was not available post-game to answer questions from the media. This is highly unusual from Crunchy, as he’s usually the first guy in the locker room to step up and say something sucks. I hope he was just getting medical treatment or something, and not hiding.

– The defense played a phenomenal game last night. Spacek’s return brought some further veteran presence to the defense. Hank re-emerged after a few mediocre games as the solid defenseman we know he is. The Campbell / Paetch pairing was also solid, blocking shots. Heck, the entire defense got in on the shot blocking act. Its almost as if their spidey-sense was tingling that Crunchy was having a bad night.

– Speaking of shot blocking, kudos to Lydman for diving in front of the puck and blocking it with his face. He flang himself in front of that puck, his sole goal being to stop it from getting past Miller, with no regard for his body. I think he showed great determination and grit coming back after getting multiple stitches, and you knew he had to be in some pain, as the trainers kept handing him ice on the bench. That’s captain material folks.

– Kotalik: stop taking penalties. You played over 14 minutes and spent 4 in the box. That does not compute.

– Staffy: where are ya, bud? Come out and play with the rest of the team. After Petey, you had the least amount of TOI. Don’t make me put your face on a milk carton.

–  The second powerplay unit of Goose, Spacek, Kotalik, Soupy is really clicking. Goose screened Thomas beautifully on Soupy’s goal and had a great tip-in in the third. Lindy, keep that unit together. Don’t break up these guys because the RAV / Pommers / Patches combo isn’t working.