IKEA – It’s Swedish for Road Trip to Pittsburgh

November 3, 2007

So the mom unit and I went to IKEA today. Even though the IKEA in Canada is closer, we drove to the one in Pittsburgh, figuring the time spent in the car would pretty much even out, once you counted any border delays into the situation. Are we nuts? Probably. But the drive down was nice. Even though the foliage was a little bit past its peak, the colors were still gorgeous.

After IKEA, we went to this mall nearby. I wanted a Sidney Crosby t-shirt. I figured this should not be hard to accomplish, since in Buffalo, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Sabres shirt. Well, apparently in Pittsburgh, its pretty darn difficult. It took me 15 minutes of wandering around Dick’s Sporting Goods before I could find the Penguins shirts buried in a back corner of the store.

You would think that the team that has Sidney freaking Crosby playing for it would have more presence, but I guess if it isn’t Steelers related, it doesn’t exist.


  1. When we went to Pittsburgh to visit family this past summer I had exactly the same problem. I could not BELIEVE it. We finally found one sporting goods store that had a considerable amount of Penguins stuff but I was stunned at how many places we had to look first. We sell Ryan Miller shirts at the grocery store I work at for crying out loud! (I ended up buying a Sid puck because I felt bad buying a competitor’s shirt.)

    I thought maybe it was just because hockey season hadn’t started when we in town but I guess not. What’s wrong with you, Pittsburgh?!

  2. I did have some guilt over buying a competitor’s shirt, but I’m only using it for pajamas, not for public use, so it evens out.

  3. That is SO weird. (And also awesome! My heart just swelled with Buffalo pride.)

  4. I did have some guilt over buying a competitor’s shirt, but I’m only using it for pajamas, not for public use, so it evens out.

    Oh, good idea! I’m not sure how that would’ve gone over with Mark though. I put the Sid puck next to the computer and for a while every time I came in the room it was flipped around. He finally seems to have given up however. I made my older brother buy a Sid shirt that was on clearance since he has no Buffalo allegiance. He lived part of his childhood in Pittsburgh so I figured it was okay for him.

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