Can We Please Just Not Talk About It Anymore?

November 7, 2007

NHL.com has a great article about the Sabres quest to turn around their season. I flove, flove Mair’s and Miller’s responses when asked about the loss of Drury and Briere (for about the eleventy-seventieth time).

Miller: “It’s a built-in excuse for us and I don’t like it,” said Miller. “I’ve been trying to speak out against it. Listen, I loved playing with those guys – two great players and two great leaders. But they’re not here. Every guy in this locker-room with the exception of very few guys has been to the conference final twice, has been part of a team that’s won hockey games, and knows what it takes to win.”

Mair: “To tell you the truth, neither one of those guys were very vocal leaders. They both were guys that led by example on the ice. I think we still have a core group of guys that were here over the last few years that have been relied on in the past to provide leadership. I don’t really feel like that’s an issue.”

I really think these guys are telling the rest of the world to suck it regarding the loss of Danny and Chris. It also says a lot about Drury’s “intangibles” and “leadership skills” if his former teammate is calling him out on not being a vocal leader in the room.

After reading comments like these, it sounds like the comments from the other day about Hank and Miller being the speakers and Spacho being the yeller might not be as new of a development as many people thought.


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