The Kid is Alright

November 8, 2007

What a day for Clarke MacArthur. Getting called up from Rochester to play for the Sabres, having a halfway decent game, getting put on the ice in the OT and scoring the game winner. Not bad at all.

Just beautiful.

It was a pretty gutsy move for Lindy to put MacArthur and Staffy out on the ice together in the OT.  Granted they were out there with Hank and Toni, but its still a gamble putting out a 2nd year player (and we really could make an argument that Staffy’s still a rookie), and a minor-league call up during an OT, especially when your team is riding a three game losing streak, and the fans are ready to cut a bitch. Hopefully, this serves as the shot in the arm that the team needs to get their act in gear and back to being the Buffalo Sabres that we all know and love.

I was also impressed with the Goose tonight. He owned Chara for most of the night, and was successful at getting Chara sent to the box for interference. I could argue that he should have been sent for cross-checking, since Chara got in about 3-4 good licks in Goose’s kidney area. However, Goose, we need to have a talk about the California Penal colony hair-do that you’re currently sporting.

Good job by Pomminville to check the ref into the Boston net. I think it made up for the ref’s clothesline of Campbell the other night.

Harry Neale had a few mis-identifications during the game, most were minor, but the funniest one by far was mixing up Goose and Pommers. I realize that Goose and Pommers are only one number apart on the roster, but they have drastically different body types. Pommer’s is short and reminds people of a labradoodle, while Goose is tall and definitely more of a Rottweiler than labradoodle. Can we get Harry Neale some glasses, please?

I hope the boys can carry this momentum to Friday’s game against Toronto.


One comment

  1. Eeee! What the heck did Goose do with his hair? I hate it! Put your helmet back on, Goose!

    Like you said, Pommers and Goose are right next to each other on the roster but when you’re watching Pommers bang around with Chara doesn’t there come a point where you say, “Wait, is that Pominville?”

    Clarke’s postgame interview was too cute. He could not stop smiling.

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