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Now, I’m Worried

November 9, 2007

And I’m one of the more optimistic Sabres fans you’ll find.

Tonight’s game against the Leafs was brutal. Not because the Sabres played particularly badly, but because they had so many opportunities to score and could not. I’m not trying to take anything away from Raycroft, who played a phenomenal game, but I counted at least three shots ring off the posts / crossbar, plus who knows how many shots get missed with wide open nets. Harry Neale mentioned late in the 3rd that the Sabres had 54 shots at that point: 24 making it to the net, 15 wide and 15 blocked. Anytime you have that many shots, its good, but its fucking horrible when you can’t convert them into goals.

I’m not sure if Lindy needs to go all Brent Sutter and make the players do pushups after missing the net, but something needs to be done.

And speaking of fucking horrible, the officiating in the first period was downright ridiculous. Gaustad was clearly knocked into Raycroft by the Toronto player, so Kotalik’s goal should have counted and there should have been no goalie interference penalty on Goose. Then Roy was clearly tripped and no call was made. Is it because the trip happened on Derek “call me Greg Louganis” Roy, that the ref felt he was faking it?

Now onto the random thoughts:

– Goose got thrown out of the circle at least three times tonight (it could have been more, I was unknotting a skein of yarn for awhile). I’m not going to pretend that I understand the logistics of face-offs, but its not good when you get thrown out that many times. Especially when one of the times leads to a Toronto goal.

– Afinogenov is really starting to annoy me. As I’ve said before, he needs to stop with the dipsy-doodling and just skate the puck. Then again, why use one move when six will do?

– One of the most unintentionally funny things about hockey is the 2 minute / 4 minute penalty distinction. Some players put their all into trying to conjure up blood for those extra two minutes of power play time. Then again, Harry Neale did point out that if you draw blood, its a 4-minute penalty, but if you break someone’s jaw, its only two. Oh, NHL with your wacky rules.

– The other unintentionally funny moment tonight happened during the list of sponsors of the Sabres broadcast. The Veins Veins Veins mention was shown over a photograph of Campbell. Heh. Bet Soupy’s really regretting those darn commercials now.

– Kudos to the Sabres Alumni foundation for raising $60,000 for breast cancer charities at their wine tasting last night.

– I read in the paper tonight that Ronan Tynan is going to be singing God Bless America at the Buffalo / Ottawa game in two weeks. I’m going to that game, and I get chills from hearing him sing on the tv, so I can only imagine what its going to sound like in person. I also found out that my mother bought tickets to his concert with the BPO in December, so I guess I’m going with her to get cultured.

I also think its downright hysterical that the Sabres are playing coy about him singing GBA before the Ice Bowl, considering his concert on December 30th is sponsored by the Sabres Foundation, and there’s no events listed on Tynan’s website until late January. Any idiot with two brain cells to rub together should be able to connect the dots on that one. (Hi, Larry Quinn!).