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Pot Meet Kettle

November 10, 2007

In an interview on CBC, Darcy Tucker called Sean Avery one of the most classless players in the league. Apparently, Mr. Tucker hasn’t looked in the mirror lately. It takes a real gem of a player to go after a guy in warmups (Blake) and then get huffy when Blake’s teammate steps up to defend him. Not that I’m defending Sean Avery, since he’s no prince.

(Edited to add that People is reporting that Mr. Avery was seen canoodling with Mary Kate Olson – or a twig dressed like MKO – at an establishment in NYC. That’s just ick. So is Avery’s official roster photo. Not even the hockey players wearing glasses corrolary can save it. )

I also did not like that Tucker was so willing to go after Avery with his stick. While many fans have wished Avery would take a stick upside the head or in the bits, its another thing to actually have it happen on the ice.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Sabres finally scored a goal. The bad news is that they lost the game. The game winner was a great out of mid-air-facing-backwards swat by the Boston player, that Miller got to about a millisecond too late. The Sabres are playing reasonably decent hockey, they just can’t buy a goal to save their lives. The natives are starting to get restless, if the internet message boards are any indication. (And I’ve seen a lot of nutty message board behavior as a racing fan, but some of the Sabres ones scare the bejeebers out of me.)

All of this non-scoring is scaring me going into the Ottawa game on Thursday. Of course, my fears could be unfounded, and the Sabres light up the Sens. But I have a better chance of winning the Lotto.

And it’s only November.