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Wrayzor Writes

November 13, 2007

Today’s Buffalo News features an excerpt from Rob Ray’s new book Rayzor’s Edge. Based on the excerpt from the paper, it could be an interesting read. Today, he details getting drafted by the Sabres, and sharing a hotel room with Tie Domi (including the fact that they got into a fight, leading to Domi cracking his head on the nightstand) at the draft. Tomorrow, the paper is going to excerpt his first game with the Sabres.

The writing style is very much Rayzor’s speaking style, if that makes any sense. Lots of short, staccato bursts of words and feelings. He has the opportunity to provide some insight into those Sabres of the early 90s. It would be worth reading just for that alone, since I was all of 8 years old when Rayzor was drafted.

I think I’m putting this book on the Christmas list. It’s one of those things that I would never buy for myself, but would make a good gift for me. I also have the Brodeur book on my list, along with Searching for Bobby Orr. (I’m off for eleven days over the holidays. I need something to do!)

Also from The News this morning

Forwards Daniel Paille and Michael Ryan were challenging Pratt, with Paille carrying the puck. He was going full speed and, after getting too close to the net, tried to jump over the bent defenseman. Paille soared into the back boards with a thunderous racket.

“He hit as hard as I’ve seen anybody hit,” Ruff said. “He’s lucky in that situation he didn’t get hurt.”

Paille, who took a brief respite before continuing practice, already has taken his share of body blows, including a flattening last month in Florida while skating across the middle.

“The hit in Florida, at least I could hit him back,” Paille said. “You can’t hit the boards.”

I’m glad to see these guys are going hard in practice, but its never a good move to jump over a defensemen, especially one that’s just coming back from injury. And kudos to Paille for recognizing that hitting an inanimate object in retaliation won’t end well.


I posted the above happy post before checking my iGoogle page this morning. One of the feeds I have is the CBC hockey news feed. A headline on the feed this morning indicated that the NHL is investigating Sean Avery, and what he allegedly said to Jason Blake in Toronto on Saturday. Come to find out that Avery allegedly belittled Blake and his battle with cancer. If that is the case, then what a fucking douchebag (pardon my french). I’m sorry, but it takes real courage, guts and dignity to keep playing NHL caliber hockey while undergoing treatment for cancer. For Avery to mock that, is just rude, crass and classless.

Some of you might be saying “wait a sec, Adam Mair allegedly called Dany Heatley a murderer last year” and got away with it. How is that any different from what Avery did? I didn’t condone Mair’s words then (and I  don’t condone them now.) However, Mair admitted he was wrong to do it and apologized immediately after the game. He didn’t wait for the shit to hit the media fan and then try to deny it.

I’m not sure the league has the authority to suspend Avery for something like this, since it was just a very tasteless form of trash-talking, but at the very least, they should make him do community service at a cancer center or something.