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Musical Musings

November 14, 2007

You know how some song titles have absolutely nothing to do with the topic of the song? Well, here’s the latest batch I’ve discovered. I’m not sure what this says about my musical tastes or things that I come up with to amuse myself in the car on a road trip.

  • Whipping Post / The Allman Brothers – what Max Afinogenov is going to find himself tied to, if he continues his current level of play. Oh lord, he feels like he’s dying.
  • A Foggy Day in London Town / Michael Buble – what the Ducks are still trying to recover from.
  • Air on a G String / Bach – what happens at the Canadian ballet (c’mon we all know our boys have been to the ballet).
  • Backwards / Rascal Flatts – an ode to poor, misunderstood defensemen
  • I’ll Cover You / Jesse L Martin – what every good defenseman should be doing for their goalie.
  • I’m Too Sexy / Right Said Fred – Derek Roy’s theme music as he primps for an evening out on the Chip Strip.
  • Beautiful Noise / Neil Diamond – the sound of 18,000 fans chanting Let’s Go Buffalo in unison.
  • Fortunate Son / John Fogerty – Jordan Parise’s lament about his younger, more spoiled brother, Zach.
  • Catch My Disease / Ben Lee – what happens in NHL locker rooms, as each team battles its semi-annual case of the creeping crud. Or, the topic of every team’s VD discussion.
  • Chasing Cars / Snow Patrol – what Crunchy tries to keep the Pommerdoodle from doing.
  • Devil with the Blue Dress / Mitch Ryder – an ode to Martin Brodeur’s Halloween costume last year.
  • Domestic, Light and Cold / Dierks Bentley – arena beer. The end.
  • Fix You / Coldplay – the saga of all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, putting Timmy Connolly together again
  • Heartbreak Town / Dixie Chicks – Buffalo, on 7/1/07.

And, this is where my iPod battery died. I may have to try this again sometime.