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Five Good Things

November 15, 2007

The ladies of IPB are working through the Devils slump by trying to come up with three good things from each game (if it kills them). I’m going to try it for tonight’s loss against Ottawa:

1. 37 shots on goal: any time you can keep putting up these high numbers of shots, something, anything is bound to go your way.

2. Clarke MacArthur: if I had a nickel for every time RJ said this kid’s name tonight, I’d be able to go to breakfast in the morning. He was all over the power play. He’s proving he deserves to be up in Buffalo.

3. Mike Ryan: he’s come a long way from the kid who put the puck in his own net last year. Ryan, Mac and Paille were three of the team’s better players tonight.

4. I’m not a fan of Vanek’s little temper tantrum with the refs at the end of the game, nor of Roy’s stick slam. But, if they can channel that fire into something, this streak has to end eventually, right?

5. “Control your thoughts, or else words come out.” The always quotable Harry Neale. He’s here till Tuesday. Try the fish.

There. Five good things about the loss to Ottawa.

And if someone could please tell me who nominated Sean Avery as one of People’s Sexiest Men, I’d like to take them out back for a public flogging. Out of all the hockey players with scars on their faces (he was featured in a pictorial essay about athletes and scars), People picks Sean Avery? Have they never met Goose or Lydman? Or any other NHL’er for that matter?