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National Press for Canisius…But Not the Good Kind

November 17, 2007

Its usually a good thing when your alma materĀ  is mentioned on a national site like Yahoo. Not so much in this case.

I didn’t know Brian Dux personally, but on a small campus like Canisius, everyone knew who the athletes were. Reading the Yahoo article above is heartbreaking, because it sounds like the whole situation is a cluster-you-know-what from start to finish.

Peter Canisius, pray for him.


What Is This Win of Which You Speak?

November 17, 2007

Its been so long since the Sabres won a game I forgot what the winning feeling feels like.

Good things:

1. C-Mac scores two goals. He was trying his hardest to get the third one, I’ll tell you that.

2. Staffy and Vanek pull themselves off of their milk cartons and score / set up two goals respectively.

3. Miller played a great game. I’ll save my post about his brother and the hockey gods for later in the season. Its not warranted after a win.

4. I love, love, love, games where the teams are engaging in multiple end-to-end rushes right after each other. It makes you stick to the edge of your seat.

5. Nolan Pratt got his first goal as a Sabre. Whoot!

6. I finally calibrated my TV set, and holy fargin schnitt, does hockey look good in HD.


1. I fell asleep for the third period, waking up at the final goal horn.

2. No Lexus Shootout because of stupid basketball. I wanted to see happy, half-naked hockey players; instead of the kicked puppy kind we’ve been getting lately. I wanted to see Lindy smile (rare, I know), instead of grimace. Damn you, basketball!

3. Staffy: stop chewing gum during the game. This behavior is not safe. You could get hit, and swallow your gum and start choking on it. We don’t need to have the Heimlich being performed at center ice. Please stop chewing gum, and switch to chewing a mouthguard like a nice, normal hockey player.