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On The Catwalk

November 18, 2007

I would like to thank Channel 2 for the idea for this post (they truly are on my side). They featured a story on the 2nd Annual Steadfast Foundation Catwalk for Charity in February 2008, including a link to the photos of last year’s event.

Photos Here

Unfortunately, the slideshow is in Flash, so I can’t copy & paste photos here, but here are some of the highlights:

– Miller looking pained at having Billy “huuuuuuge” Fucillo’s arm around him.

–  Homeboy and Cabana Boy Sabretooth. I’m puzzled as to how they got pants onto Tooth.

– Pominville looking eerily like Justin Timberlake.

– Teppo walking down the catwalk with Faye Dunaway….errm Max Afinogenov.

–  “Urban Cowboy” Timmy Connolly

– “Ray Charles” Timmy Connolly.

– Andrew Peters in drag. He’s not a pretty woman (sorry, Andrew).

– Spacek’s peek-a-boo pecs and abs.

– Hank’s pecs and Crunchy in skinny jeans (which, I know guys aren’t supposed to have hips, but you would think a hockey player would have some junk in the trunk. His trunk is junkless.)

It looks like the boys had a good time, but they shouldn’t give up their day jobs as hockey players.