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Live and In Person Thoughts from Buffalo / Ottawa

November 21, 2007
  • Peters and McGrattan were clowning around in the pre-game skate, trading end-to-end shots as they were the last two players off the ice. Peters finally settled it once and for all by going top shelf on the Ottawa net from behind the Buffalo blue-line. The crowd went nuts.
  • Miller had a good game. Sure he gave up some big rebounds (the Alfreddson goal for one), and should be kissing his goalposts for bailing him out on the Chris Kelly breakaway.  Miller also got an assist on Kotalik’s goal and a penalty for interference. I kept hoping he would get a goal, just to complete the unusual-for-Miller stat night.
  • Timmy continued the fine Buffalo trend of missing wide open nets, hitting the post early in the first. My dad remarked that its because Timmy was seeing four nets. Yes, there’s never not a good time for a Timmy head injury joke.
  • I like when we score the first goal. It sets the tone for the entire game. After Ryan punched in the first goal, I really felt like the energy in the building changed. The crowd was more into the game, and it seemed like the players were more into it as well.
  • During the post-game, WGR mentioned that Afinogenov wasn’t his usual detrimental self. Then again, he wasn’t doing much on the positive side, either. I almost wish Lindy would send him to the press box for a game or two. Its never good when you’re biggest accomplishment from a game is not being a detriment for your team.
  • Staffy scored on a beautiful pass from Vanek. But if the pass wouldn’t have gotten through, Vanek would have been lambasted in the media. But at least Vanek’s setting up goals at this point. I’ll take a player who’s setting up goals consistently, rather than one who’s just out there for thrills and giggles.
  • I love how 18,000 people chanting “Emery” in unison can make the heckling sound almost lyrical. I don’t know why, but I really like the name Emory or Emery for one of my future children. But then again, I would be damning her to a life of being called Emery Board.
  • Whoot! A two-game winning streak. Which as Lindy pointed out post-game is better than one, but not yet three. He also said that Timmy’s first period miss was his best Derek Roy impersonation. He’s here all week, folks. Tip your waitress.
  • And the best part of the night – Ronan Tynan sang God Bless America before the game. Which brought tears to my eyes, though I’m blaming the stress of the day for doing that. Then during the game, they interviewed Tynan about his concert in December. He mentioned that members of the Sabres will be performing at his show, specifically Stafford and Miller. I’m pommerdoodling over this one; not only will I be seeing a great tenor in concert, plus a great orchestra, but I’ll also have the added value of two musical Sabres. Then again, I’ve heard Staffy sing, and am aware of his musical preferences, so I’m not sure now it’s going to mesh with a tenor and an orchestra. I’ve seen Miller on the guitar, but never heard him play. Its going to be great!