What I’m Thankful For – The Day After Edition

November 23, 2007

I meant to post this yesterday, but time got away from me.

My family – its been a rough year for me and they’ve put up with a lot. They haven’t killed me yet.

I’m also thankful that although Kendallcar is pretty smooshed after Wednesday’s accident, that I’m not smooshed. On a lighter note, my bruised knee will look lovely with my holiday party dress.

My job – I love what I do, and I adore my co-workers. Even though we drive each other batty sometimes, we all know we can rely on each other when the chips are down.

OC – Off Camber‘s been the one place I can go for reliable auto-racing news and commentary. Plus a healthy dose of pop culture snark, recipe sharing (mmm chili), and techno-help. The people on there are some of the funniest, yet most cynical people I’ve ever met. Meeting them in person is the icing on the cake after talking to them online for so long.

Champ Car  – I’m thankful that Champcar’s still around. It’s been a rocky past couple of years, but I really, really hope that the series has its collective head on straight and can improve on 2008. Its not the on-track product that’s the problem, its the off-track nonsense. I’d be sad if there was no Champcar in 2008.

The hockey blog world: I didn’t really enter the hockey blog world until this year’s playoffs, when I stumbled across HLoG and then IPB / Top Shelf / The Willful Caboose, etc. I’ve been able to read some of the most insightful commentary on hockey that can be found on the internet. Its analytical, yet light-hearted, whimsical and often times downright hysterical. We commiserate in our team’s mediocrity, share in our team’s successes and poke fun at the ridiculousness of the hockey world. Its a total community. I’ve been able to meet three people since I started this blog, and they’ve been just as great in person as they are in the blog world.

Bucci and Bucky – believe it or not, I’m thankful for these two yahoos. They’ve provided me with endless snarking opportunities, plus an outlet to distract me from the insanity of life. I feel deprived when I’m not able to utter “shut up Bucky” or “shut up Bucci” after reading one of their columns.

Stay tuned for thoughts on tonight’s Montreal / Buffalo game, brought to you in HD by the fine folks at “avoiding my family” corporation. 🙂

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