Sabres vs. Montreal – Take 2

November 24, 2007

I like home – at – home series. I know this isn’t something that’s unique to hockey, but it seems like hockey does them more frequently than other sports, especially within a division. You’re almost guaranteed to have two nights of really great hockey, or if one team has an off night, the “we’ll get ’em next time” aspect only has to wait 24 hours to come to fruition.

Which brings me to tonight’s game against Montreal. I was surprised to see Thiebault in net, thinking that since Miller’s the hot goalie, Lindy would start him tonight and maybe play Thiebault against Washington on Monday. I guess that’s why I’m not an NHL coach. Congrats to Thiebault on the shutout. Montreal threw everything at him but the kitchen sink, and he stopped it all. He made some fantastic saves, proving that he’s a capable backup for Miller (who gave him the hugest hug in the post-game celebration. I like seeing happy Miller. Sometimes it feels like we never get to see him happy.)

Couple random moments:

– During the first period, Vanek got a few cheap shots thrown at him behind the net. Afinogenov comes racing over to defend Vanek. It was like the little chicken hawk from Looney Tunes coming in to take on Foghorn Leghorn (put up yer dukes, let me at ’em!)

– I know we joke about Timmy’s head being fragile, but we may have to add Tallinder’s upper body to this list. His arm was hanging limply at the end of the second period. I guess we’ll know more tomorrow, but how many arm / upper body injuries has he had in the past couple of years?

– Vanek and Mike Ryan were adorable playing bubble hockey during the first intermission. I love that Ryan’s trying to use the game to make money off of old moneybags Vanek. I also get a chuckle out of Mr. Golisano taking on members of the staff in bubble hockey.

– Note to self: get Sabretooth as ring-bearer at wedding. Although a priest might look at me funny for wanting to have a 7 foot tall giant cat in the wedding party.

One comment

  1. I guess we’ll know more tomorrow, but how many arm / upper body injuries has he had in the past couple of years?

    Only two by my count (not counting this one) – the two breaks. Or did he aggravate it and then re-break it? I can’t remember. But he did also have that high ankle sprain last season that seemed to nag him for quite a while. Poor Hank!

    Sabretooth as part of your wedding party would be awesome! I’m a little sorry I wasn’t really a hockey fan yet when we got married.

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