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When Good Ads Go Bad

November 27, 2007

Online advertising has some of the best opportunities for unique creative applications. You can do roadblocks, tearaways, bellybands, and my favorite, rollovers. I like them the most, but they’re also the ones that annoy the hell out of me the most. Go figure.

So I was one today at the end of the work day, reading about Clarke MacArthur. I go to exit my browser and am hit with the following ad for the new Reebok jerseys:


Is the NHL trying to give me a heart attack? The left and center of the ad are alright, but the image of Miller is seriously creepy. (Not to mention, he looks like Milo V, and Milo’s not creepy!) And the tagline about his crease being the coldest place on earth. There are so many places that I could take a comment like that, but I just can’t go there right now. I should not be coming up with dirty jokes while reading an online ad!


Versus, Schmersus

November 27, 2007

If I were to compare Versus HD against MSG HD, MSG HD wins hands down. The Versus HD feeds distorted and pixelated the Capitals jerseys. It was like watching stop-motion hockey. Hockey’s a fluid game, with movement and grace. All the pixelization kept taking me out of the moment. It made my head hurt after awhile.

And Versus, I get it. Hecht is German. Goose is from North Dakota. No need to keep telling me these things. I kept waiting for the “Ryan Miller, 26, Michigan State, Hobey Baker” comment that always seems to pop up in a Versus telecast.

I read in the paper this morning that Mair and Staffy both took part in a hard practice with the team, and Staffy’s a few days away from returning.  That’s great news, since the Roy / Vanek / Staffy line was really clicking before his injury. Selfishly, I hope he keeps himself healthy, since I do want to see the musical stylings of Staffy with the BPO.