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The Boys Are Back In Town

November 29, 2007

Last night’s Sabres / Blues game marked the return of two players with Buffalo ties: Jay McKee (played here for 10 years) and Lee Stempniak (a West Seneca native).  There’s always a charge in the air when former players return to their old stomping grounds. They want to put on a good show for the fans, while their former teammates take a “not in my house” attitude.

McKee was the original slag-faced whore – before we even qualified them as such – as he left Buffalo for the greener pastures of St. Louis. I was upset when he left, but there was a tiny part of me that felt the Blues and Jay got their cosmic comeuppance when Jay spent 90% of last season on the IR for various reasons. I have no ill will towards him now, especially since I’ve heard that last season he took the entire Sabres team (including coaches) out to dinner when the Sabres played in St. Louis last year. That’s class. What are the odds our new slag-faced whores will do the same this year?


Last night’s game was fast-paced, with what seemed like few whistles in the early going. I’ve said it before, but I love games with multiple consecutive end-to-end rushes. It keeps not only the fans, but also the players, on their toes.

Miller played a phenomenal game, at least in the first two periods and third of the first period. He was hung out to dry on the game-winning goal, though Paille did stop the first attempt. (Which reminds me, I wonder who the Sabres emergency goalie is? If god forbid, Miller and Thiebault both get hurt in the same game, who straps on the goalie pads? I know it was McKee when he was in town, but I’ve never heard who the new guy is.)

I was happy that Sekera got his first NHL goal last night. The kid’s been dogged online lately for his play (I know, stop reading the message boards), so it was nice to see him get some kudos for a change. However, whenever I hear Sekara’s first name, the Project Runway fan in me can’t help but think “what happened to Andrej?”

Oh, and Soupy, that blue line across the ice, its painted on. Its not a physical obstacle. Tripping over a painted line takes talent.