Teddy Bear Hockey

November 30, 2007

Nope, not about me checking the Build-A-Bear website if Sabres stuff is available, so I can create Bearoslav Spacek.

Instead, this is about the Teddy Bear toss.

I saw this video on WGR’s site and its pretty darn incredible. Fans at the Portland Winter Hawks game were encouraged to bring teddy bears to the game, and toss them on the ice when the home team scored their first goal, with the bears going to needy kids this holiday season. What’s absolutely amazing is that over 20,000 bears were collected in one throw.

Apparently, this is quite the tradition in the minor leagues (at least Wiki tells me so). Remind me again why we don’t do something like this in Buffalo?



  1. When Marty was still here I was desperate for Build-a-Bear to sell goalie equipment so I could create Marty Bearon. One of my favorite baseball players is Lance Berkman and my brother made me Lance Bearkman. Half the fun, is naming the darn things.

  2. Oh yeah i agree Heather, I got one yesterday and i was desprate to find goalie pads and a goalie stick. I can see why because I’m a goalie and i reallllllly wanted to make a Vesa Toskala. His name is Toskala but he is a player. I guess sometime down the road we will find goalie pads and a stick. lol love yah lots xox Laura

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