C is for Soupy

December 1, 2007

Brian Campbell is the Sabres December captain. In the announcement, Lindy mentioned Campbell’s drive and determination as the reasons for the annointing. Has Lindy been watching the same hockey we’ve been watching? Campbell has been less than impressive these past few games. Hopefully, the C will help Soupy calm down and start playing the caliber of hockey that we know he’s capable of.

Jochen will retain his A and Spacek will wear the other one. It’s interesting to note that so far this season, Jochen andTimmy are the only forwards that have worn the A. That speaks to me about how the forwards are playing in relation to the defense.

Adam Mair returns to the lineup tonight. That means C-Mac gets sent down to Rochester, which sucks and blows. The kid was playing really well for the team, and now he gets to drive back down the 90 to the minors; all so Andrew Peters can play less than 3 minutes a game.

And the best news: the Sabres will be hosting an HSBC Arena house party during the Winter Classic. The game will be shown on the new jumbotron, and be sync’d up with RJ’s radio feed. I’m seriously thinking about going. I’ve watched games on the jumbotron at the arena before (during the 99 playoff run), and its a load of fun. I’ve got time to think about it, I guess.



  1. Has Lindy been watching the same hockey we’ve been watching?

    Yeah, that’s kind of what I’d like to know. To me, Campbell’s had more bad games this year than good. But Lindy clearly sees something different than I do and he’d know better than me. Well, hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  2. I think Soupy is a weird choice too but I remember thinking Toni was a weird choice for November because he had such an uneven October and that turned out pretty well. I really think Lindy is partly using the letters as a, “Show me what ya got, kid” kind of thing.

  3. “Show me what ya got, kid” kind of thing.

    Could be. I’ve also read that this is the prelude to an announcement of Soupy’s contract extension.

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