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Lazy Sunday…Yeah, Right

December 2, 2007

It was supposed to be a lazy Sunday here at Chez SOTC, but Mother Nature and a sick mother have conspired against me.

The day started out with having to shovel the driveway so that I could get the car out and go to Wegmans for ingredients for chicken soup for said sick mother. I hate shoveling snow, and was thankful that it was the light fluffy kind, and not the annoying wet kind. Of course, the City of Buffalo plowing jobs make driving fun.

But enough about the snow. Since I’m too chicken to try the boiling the chicken method of soup making, I spent some time last night looking for recipes that did not have this step. I stumbled across the Ookies recipe for chicken and barley soup on IPB Eats, and decided to hybridize it for chicken noodle soup.

I love Wegmans, since they sell pre-chopped minestrone soup veggies, so I saved myself some time chopping. I was able to sweat the veggies while I cut the chicken. But never having intentionally sweat veggies before, was a little apprehensive at when they were sweated enough to cook the chicken. After successfully sweating the veggies and cooking the chicken, I combined them with pre-made stock (Wegmans again), and after 20 minutes cooking, added the egg noodles. After cooking for 15 more minutes, it was done, and tasted yummy (I had to have a sample). Right now, the soup is thickening up, and might hit stew consistency in time for dinner (where it will be served with whack-a-dough breadsticks. I’m not brave enough to make my own yet.)

I want to touch briefly about the fun that was last night’s Sabres / Canes game. I’m sad that Miller wasn’t able to get the shutout, but if that’s the only thing I have to complain about after the game, we’re doing pretty well.

Gaustad completely owned Brind’Amour on the faceoff leading to Mair’s goal. Goose honked and stepped around him like Brind’Amour wasn’t even there, completing a beautiful pass to Mair. Goose also seemed pleased after the game that he managed to beat Brind’Amour at his own game. I also had to laugh at the fact that Goose has a magnetic schedule taped up in his locker stall. Does he need to be reminded of where he is and who he’s playing?

At one point, when Mair and Spacek were both walking off stingers from shot blocking, I wondered if my comment about C-Mac rejoining the team sooner rather than later had jinxed them. I was glad to see both players returned to the ice.

I also did not need to hear about RJ’s and Harry Neale’s underwear issues as they prepare for the team’s road trip. Its also funny that the Sabres longest road trip of the year is just under a week, while NJ and a few other teams were on the road for what seemed like weeks at a time.

The Make-A-Wish kid that they kept showing during the game was too cute. The local news had done a little piece on him, and attending the game was Part 2 of his wish. Earlier, he had gotten to attend practice and meet with Ryan Miller (privately, per Crunchy’s request). And the kid even got to give Soupy his new captain’s sweater before the game. Kevin Sylvester mentioned that they’re going to be showing during this week’s games more of this kid’s experiences.