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California Dreaming – Part 1

December 6, 2007

The Sabres / Ducks game was painful to watch, especially the second period. There were points the team looked like a bunch of monkeys trying to hump a football. They tried the long passes only to have them intercepted by the Ducks. They were frustrated by the Ducks forecheck. The boys couldn’t turn around without tripping over a Duck. It was one of those losses where you need to find the positive, so damned if I’m not going to:

– No one had a meeting with Pronger’s elbows.

– Finally a somewhat (and boy and I using that term loosely) physical game from the boys. Peter had two scraps, Goose fought Betuzzi, and Pratt and Timmy (?!?!) were involved in the scrap at the end of the game.

– Inadvertently funny moment occurred at the end of the game while both benches were yapping at each other. Roy-Z was standing next to Goose on the bench. He might as well have been standing in a hole, as he only came up to Goose’s shoulder.

– I want Peters on my team if I ever have to play charades. His mimicry of Parros was right on target.

– And finally, for all you kids out there, learn from the Brothers Crunchy and choose hugs, not drugs.