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California Dreaming – Day 2

December 7, 2007

More like California Nightmare. The Sabres lost 8-2 to the Kings last night. I don’t have much to say about the game, considering I did not see most of it. I came home from a happy hour (that went many hours) and crashed on the couch. Since vodka makes me sleepy, I was out soon after.

I woke up at different points in the game. Sleepiness plus hockey equals random thoughts – see below.

2-0 (Not good. Not horribly bad, but not good.)

5-0 (WTF? Did Thiebault die? Wait, Miller’s playing? What?)

7-1 (The hell? Did more people die?)

8-2 (Aw, fuck it. I’m going to bed).

After these last two games, I hope Lindy has a come to Jeebus meeting with the entire team. They need their ass kicked, and hopefully, they come out flying against San Jose.

Moving on, the Sabres announced yesterday that they were formally ending their affiliation with the Rochester Amerks after this season. Its sad that such a long prosperous relationship that produced so many good players is going to come to an end after the season. Look at how much of the current roster spent time in Rha-Cha-Cha: Miller, Goose, Patches, Sekera, Paille, Ryan, Roy, Soupy, Peters, Staffy, etc. The Sabres have always had a strong farm system. Hopefully, their new affiliation (rumor: Portland, Maine) will allow them to further continue this growth.