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California Dreamin’ – Day 3

December 9, 2007

The Sabres must’ve picked up on my telepathic messages to win this game. After the nightmare that was the holiday party I went to, anything but a Sabres win was not going to be acceptable.

Fun things from the game:

– Mother Goose’s interview during the first intermission regarding the “Shuffle Off to Buffalo / Oregon” programs that her and her son are working on with local schools in Portland and Buffalo. I really think this program is a great way to not only teach kids about physical activity, but it also helps them with map reading skills, distance approximations and geography. These kids are learning where Oregon and Buffalo are in relation to each other and what geography separates them (the Great Lakes, the Rocky Mountains, etc). Its not only stimulating their bodies, but also their minds. And that makes it doubly good.

They say you should learn something new everyday. I learned yesterday that it would take 5 million steps to cross the country. That’s a lot of treadmill time.

– Continuing on the Goose bandwagon for a moment, he had a great night last night. Two goals and standing up for his teammates. He went after Roenick immediatly after JR decided to leave his feet and hit Afinogenov. Roenick, as usual, declined to stand up for his hit on Finny and went about his business.

– It was great to hear that the crowd had such a strong Buffalo contingent. The “We Want Eight” chant was especially strong at the end of the game. It just proves my theory that you may leave Buffalo, but Buffalo never leaves you.

Now, lets hope that the boys can carry this momentum from last night into this week’s slate of games. They have four games in seven nights. That’s good for the fans (especially in this age of the TV writers strike), but potentially not so good for the players. Momentum’s a good thing. Look at the Devils, for instance. They started their season in the doldrums, and now are riding a 9 game winning streak. I know the Sabres are capable of that. They just need to do it.

On an unrelated note, Cory Sarich of the Flames might just be my new hockey boyfriend after reading this quote in Bucky’s column today about Crosbymania invading Calgary: It’s a little crazy. You’re seeing car bombings somewhere else and it’s not even a blurb on the news these days because of Sidney Crosby.”

Its about time someone had perspective on Sid.