My Favorite Ads – Part 1

December 12, 2007

At work, I receive approximately eleventy-seven thousand e-newsletters per day, all claiming to have the most up-to-date information about what’s going on in the world of advertising. Most of them I delete because they’re boring as hell, but one of my favorites is the one showing the new ad campaigns debuting during the week. Reading this week’s edition got me thinking about what some of my favorite ads are:

Jeep Liberty: Rock Me Gently

I guarantee that you will have “Rock Me Gently” stuck in your head for the remainder of the day. That’s not why I like this commercial, however. It has just the right mix of bizarre elements – the gentle forest, the singing animals and the deep voiced wolf – and product elements.

Nextel – Magic

I don’t know where to begin with this commercial. Jamie McMurray and Kasey Kahne are NASCAR’s equivalent of the Pommerdoodle. Both are empty-headed but loveable. The commercial makes a distinction between magic and sleight-of-hand. And McMurray cradles a bunny. Who doesn’t love bunnies?

Target – Home Decor

This one is probably in my Top 5 favorite commercials ever. Having met both Zanardi and Vasser before and knowing their senses of humor, I almost wonder how many takes it took them to get the commercial down, especially the part about lending a delightful accent to your home decor? (Its funny, I have no compunctions about breaking the 4th wall with racers, but hockey players are a whole nother story.) I still use the delightful accent to your home decor phrase with my mother, who is a huge Vasser fan. That’s a sign of a good commercial: you’re still using the punchline 10 years later.

ESPN – Running of the Brats

Because running sausages will never not be funny.

That’s it for now. There’s more that I can think of, but this is going to be a running series.


One comment

  1. These are all good! I particularly like the bunny one.

    I adore the Mac/PC ads. I should be getting tired of them by now but I really don’t. I will say however that they make me awww over how cute and hapless PC is which is probably not Mac’s goal. Mac has seemed to have gotten a little less smug and a little more sympathetic to PC’s plight which is good.

    The running sausages is great, but I think my favorite ESPN commercial will always be the Y2K drill.

    “Follow me! Follow me to freedom!” is a line I still use to this day.

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