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Morning Musings

December 13, 2007

From the Snooze this morning…“I’ve got a fourth line that I want to mix and match,” said Ruff, who put Connolly with fourth-line wingers Daniel Paille and Mair for the opening faceoff. “I’ve been trying to get our top players more ice time. I think we’ve seen the last two games, with Roy playing more and Connolly playing more, that we’ve garnered our share of the play. In Andrew’s case, he’s going to fill in where I need him. He’s going to provide the toughness when we need it. It’s not really going to be a set line.”

Lindy, I’m confused. One of your best weapons is your ability to roll four lines. You can’t roll four lines consistently if you’re doubling up Roy-Z and Timmy because Peters is a glorified bump on a log with fighting skills. Remind me again why C-Mac is toiling away in Rochester while Peters plays an average of 3:00 a night? Bringing up C-Mac would allow you to roll four lines again.

I also have to laugh at the one Islander coach who called Gaustad a hippo. Seriously? We’re going to have to teach that coach the difference between a hippo and a goose.


Goose. Not the same.

Moving on, this bit from Page 2 is absolutely brilliant. I had no idea there were so many different sports cliches out there.