Capital Comments

December 14, 2007

– It was absolutely great to see that the crowd was loud and proud for Buffalo tonight. The Buffalo News liveblog (as opposed to dead blog?) from the game reports that the crowd went nuts when soldiers from Walter Reed were shown on the jumbotron.

– Tonight was one of the games where I *liked* Derek Roy. He cowboy’d up tonight, didn’t whine when he was tripped and no penalty was called, and scored a goal. I’ve noticed that Roy only complains when the game isn’t going the Sabres way. Someone needs to tell him that. If I can see it from the couch, someone on the bench should be able to see it.

– It was great to see Staffy finally show up on the goal sheet. Now if we can only get Vanek to appear on it, that may take some pressure off the kid.

– Tonight was just a bad puck handling night by goalies. Heather B. referenced Miller’s lack of puck handling skills the other night, and it came back to bite the Sabres in the arse after a funky bounce on the boards. I did enjoy the “fuck” that Miller muttered after that goal. (I swear, watching hockey has improved my lip reading skills, at least for the cuss words. And the occasional that’s what she said.)

– Timmy! Wear a fucking visor. The great move you made by diving away from that incoming check was negated by the fact that you took a puck to the snout and needed stitches. You’ve got a fragile head. Protect it as much as you can, please.

– Speaking of Timmy, I can go without hearing repeated mentions of Timmy on his knees. Yes, I’m twelve. Why do you ask?

– Welcome back, Hank. Please don’t get hurt again.

– I’m bumfuzzled as to why Lindy sat Pratt and not Patches / Sekera. Sekera’s been playing better lately, but I think Pratt is a better caliber defensemen. I can see why Patches didn’t sit. He at least has the option of playing forward in case bump-on-a-log Peters hurts himself during his three minutes of ice time. And, Patches plays the point on the power play, which has actually been semi-on-point lately, so why mess with a good thing? On the other hand, Pratt is a physical defensemen who understands the concept of protecting your goalie when the other team is lurking.

– Speaking of Pratt, the paper this morning had a comment about how much his 5-year-old daughter loves snow. The other morning, when she discovered it snowed, she was outside in her Crocs and pj’s ready to play. I miss having that kind of enthusiasm for snow.

– I came back to edit this entry to add the following. Washington was called for two too many men on the ice penalties, and got away with a third. They obviously need help with counting. Take a lesson from Goose here, math isn’t hard.




  1. And the occasional that’s what she said.

    Wait, for real? Hockey players actually say that to each other on the ice? That’s kind of awesome!

    Speaking of that’s what she said, I’m twelve right along with you. Really, Harry? Connolly was going to his knees on that goal? You don’t say! (Tee hee!)

  2. Wait, for real? Hockey players actually say that to each other on the ice? That’s kind of awesome!

    I wish. I’d probably fall off the sofa if they did.

    I became an expert “TWSS” lip reader at my company’s holiday party. One of the speeches given brought us all down to that level, and the TWSS’ were flying across the room.

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