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Snowy Days

December 16, 2007

Nothing says snowy day like catching up with what you’ve recorded on the DVR. The craziest thing that I watched today was the Sandra Lee Christmas episode. I know I say this a lot, but bitch is crazy. The highlights of this episode include:

– cocktails made with pure alcohol, no mixers in sight. One cocktail combined vanilla rum, butterscotch schnapps and frangelico, garnished with a gingerbread cookie. I was drunk just watching her make it, let alone if I had drank it. Then again, I suppose a pure alcohol cocktail would make her meatballs with orange marmalade and catalina dressing taste good.

– a nutcracker theme. It was nutcrackerpalooza. They were everywhere – kitchen, table, mantle, and even included a life-sized pair. She introduced her German and Swedish nutcrackers by name. Thankfully they were not named Hank and Jochen, or I would have revolted.

-a cocktail tree. The woman took all of the stemware from her bar and hung it on the tree. The topper wasn’t your usual angel or star, but a nutcracker, complete with his very own cocktail. Nothing says the holidays like fragile implements with an acclerant near a potential flame source of lights. I guess if you wanted the fire department to come to your Christmas gathering, then a cocktail tree would be a good idea.

Since I’m in a holiday mode, I leave you with the following: