Snowy Days

December 16, 2007

Nothing says snowy day like catching up with what you’ve recorded on the DVR. The craziest thing that I watched today was the Sandra Lee Christmas episode. I know I say this a lot, but bitch is crazy. The highlights of this episode include:

– cocktails made with pure alcohol, no mixers in sight. One cocktail combined vanilla rum, butterscotch schnapps and frangelico, garnished with a gingerbread cookie. I was drunk just watching her make it, let alone if I had drank it. Then again, I suppose a pure alcohol cocktail would make her meatballs with orange marmalade and catalina dressing taste good.

– a nutcracker theme. It was nutcrackerpalooza. They were everywhere – kitchen, table, mantle, and even included a life-sized pair. She introduced her German and Swedish nutcrackers by name. Thankfully they were not named Hank and Jochen, or I would have revolted.

-a cocktail tree. The woman took all of the stemware from her bar and hung it on the tree. The topper wasn’t your usual angel or star, but a nutcracker, complete with his very own cocktail. Nothing says the holidays like fragile implements with an acclerant near a potential flame source of lights. I guess if you wanted the fire department to come to your Christmas gathering, then a cocktail tree would be a good idea.

Since I’m in a holiday mode, I leave you with the following:



  1. Wow, you certainly have to have patience to watch that video, but I think it’s pretty sweet. RJ is so awesome. And it brought to my attention this important bit of anti-Drury information: On the seventh day, after he scores, he hits Yo-Yo right in the face with his glove. And then he appears to not even acknowledge it. Not good, Drury, not good. You’re doubly on my list now.

    All of that stuff about Sandra Lee is very disturbing. I can’t even imagine.

  2. Gambler, I love that you picked out the anti-Yo-Yo moment in that video.

    I’ll agree that patience is necessary (Mark was behind me on the couch the whole time saying, “Is that thing OVER yet?!”) but worth it. Good find, Amy, as usual!

  3. I found the video while trying to convince my friend that RJ is a good announcer. He claimed that if he had to listen to RJ on a consistent basis, he would hurt himself. I called blasphemy and went a little youtube happy.

    Gambler, I still love the Not!Gambler tag.

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