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Citizen Kane Touches His Toews

December 17, 2007

This weekend celebrated the return of Pat Kane to Buffalo. He was greeted warmly at HSBC Arena, with over 1,000 of his closest friends watching the gameday skate on Saturday morning. That’s almost unheard of for a skate during a non-holiday break. I think it shows what kind of community we have in Buffalo. Though he plays for Chicago, he’s one of us. He grew up in South Buffalo, played as much of his youth hockey here as he could, still has a great Buffalo accent, and is appreciative of the start he got here.

This kid – along with linemate Jonathan Toews – is part of the re-emergence of hockey in Chicago. The Blackhawks went from a dynasty to not being able to give tickets away to fill the arena. The talk of the town wasn’t Da Hawks, but Da Bears. Home games weren’t shown on TV, since their late owner felt that people wouldn’t come to the game if they could stay home and watch. I can kind of see his point about not giving away the cow if you can get the milk for free, but its not a viable marketing strategy.

Anyways, this article on ESPN sums up Kane and Toews in a nutshell. They’re two good, wholesome, hard working kids. Kane calls his Chicago home family, the Bowmans'(yes, son of that Bowman) to let them know that he’s going out to dinner with his teammates and will be late. He even plays basement hockey with the Bowmans’ kids.

Toews is a Shattuck boy, with a dash of North Dakota thrown in (sounds like Staffy, minus the leopard print pants). His goal is to learn how to cook, working his way through a few cookbooks.

These two, along with Sid and Ovie, are the future of the NHL. And, it turns out, the future starts now.


Moving onto some Buffalo stuff –

– Ryan Miller was the NHL’s player teleconference today. He was speaking specifically about his previous experience playing outside in the Michigan State / Michigan game. Miller’s concerned about the cold, and mentioned he might have to echo Jose Theodore and weare a toque outside his goalie mask. (He being too persnickety to wear it inside the mask). I’m just concerned about him getting carpet tape and taping the toque to his mask. Doesn’t he know that tape anywhere near the face can cause accidents? Its all fun and games till someone loses a wonky eyebrow, I guess.

– Miller was joined on the teleconference by Pittsburgh player (and former Michigan State teammate) Adam Hall. Hall is hoping that the trainers put coffee or hot chocolate on the bench instead of water. Miller would just hope for some green tea. Is he trying to keep warm or up his anti-oxidants?

Miller also doesn’t know if he will wear eye black or shades if the game is sunny.

Might I suggest eye black? Those shades look a little bulky to wear under a mask.

– After reading this opening sentence in Saturday’s newspaper, I had to laugh.

There are certain things a person should never say out loud. Like admitting you have the new Britney Spears on your iPod. Or saying how cool it would be to go shopping for jeans with Ryan Miller.

I admit to being guilty of both things. Britney’s new CD is on my i-Pod, and I think it would be amazing to go jeans shopping with Crunchy. The end.