Once On This Island

December 20, 2007

A goalie stole a hockey game. How does one steal a hockey game you might ask? Well, he plays his ass off, bails out his defense and only lets one of 43 shots enter the net. Any night you leave the rink only letting in one goal on 43 shots (a success rate of 2%), you should be able to call it a good night.

However, I would have to call last night’s Sabres game an ugly win. Aside from Miller’s amazing performance, there were a few more things that stood out, but not all of them were good:

– Roy’s injury. The Sabres say its a shoulder stinger, with an MRI showing no damage, but his playing status is uncertain for the weekend. Roy was playing pretty well the past few games. His energy and spunk were missed on the ice.

– Timmy’s leaving the game due to technicolor yawning. Timmy’s foresight and vision on the power play were definitely missed after he left the game. Considering the Islanders were headed to the penalty box pretty often, the Sabres should have scored more on the power play.

– The injuries to both these guys also forced Lindy to shorten the bench, as he was down to 10 forwards. Despite the already short bench, he only played Peters for 2:55. So in essence, Lindy shrank his bench to 9 forwards / 3 lines. Goose, Hecht and Pommers all lead the forwards with well over 20 minutes of ice time each. I realize these numbers are high due to all three playing both the power play and the penalty kill, but is it good to have three forwards in the 20s, the rest in the high teens, and Peters down at the end of the well? (I realize Adam Mair did not break the 10 minute mark, but he was in the box for 5 minutes, so I’m assuming his number would have been higher had he not had that penalty.) How does something like that not contribute to resentment in the locker room? The guy makes his paycheck playing less than 3 minutes a night, while the rest of the team is out busting their ass. The mind, she is boggled.

– I mentioned Adam Mair in the last paragraph. His defense of Hecht last night was great, and he throughly cleaned Jackman’s clock. The rest of the team should take note that that is how you stand up for a teammate and put it into practice, especially when someone is harassing Miller.

– Max, Max, Max. I was ready to kill you in the first part of the game. You were dipsy-doodling and reverting to the Max of old, not the Max of the past few games. However, you did redeem yourself with the game winning goal. Please don’t revert back to the Max of old. K?

– I also thought the Sabres might really have been screwed for awhile in the third period. There was one point where Mair, Pomminville and Tallinder all limped off the ice after blocking shots. Its great that the team is finally getting the memo about blocking shots before they get to Miller, but you never want to see guys get hurt and miss time because of it.

– As of right now, the Sabres are in the playoffs. They’re currently tied with Philly, which makes this weekend’s home at home especially interesting. I’m really torn about how I should feel about the return of Marty, Danny and Rory. I mean, if Rory had looked down in Carolina in 2006, the Canes wouldn’t have scored and it might have been a different result to end that season. I’m not a fan of those who boo Marty, since the guy really did nothing wrong. He wanted a chance to go play and he got it. And besides…he’s Marty. You can’t boo Marty. Its just wrong. But Danny is a whole different story. He claimed to have wanted to stay in Buffalo, but he stepped into the role of slag faced whore, took the money and ran. That is definitely hateable. But then I hear stories about how his Briere Bunch foundation is still sending money to Buffalo charities, and how he’s a pen pal to a Western NY kid, and I really don’t know how to feel. Damn you MSM for making me feel conflicted!

– Speaking of Marty, this WGR audio clip is amazing.



  1. Re: Danny–the fact that the Sabres have pretty much flat-out admitted they didn’t make him a serious offer last summer makes things sit a lot better with me. If he’d gone to Philly for a bit more money, even several million dollars more money, than I could justify having a problem with him. But the figures weren’t even comparable. I really can’t hate him for that.

  2. Adam Mair really did throttle Jackman. I was glad to see him standing up for his boys too. He should be clocking 10-12 minutes a night, no matter what. I keep trying to tell Lindy, but he won’t take my calls.

  3. I was happy to see Mair stick up for Hecht too, although I think Hecht can do that just fine by himself. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him lose a fight. Remember Marty mic’d up a season or two ago? “Jochen’s mmmaaaaddddd. Uh-oh Jochen’s realllyyy maaaddd.” He was doing play-by-play of the fight for the equipment guys in the hall.

    I can’t boo Marty – it’s like booing Mickey Mouse. Marty is the human equivalent of Mickey Mouse. You can’t hate Mickey Mouse, you just can’t.

    As for Rory, I have no strong feelings one way or the other.

    And Danny, I think, probably got screwed. Granted, he did go to arbitration and get 5 million, but that’s not his fault, it’s the idiot arbitrator who awarded it. He played hard while we here, he was personable, and I think he wanted to stay here. The Sabres didn’t offer him a contract after that arbitration thing. You can’t blame the guy for going to a team that is willing to pay him, what- $7 million a year?

    For what it’s worth, I think Danny and Marty are doing pretty well with their new teams, but I think Dru might be waxing nostalgic about Buffalo right about now. His team isn’t losing but he isn’t playing the way he wants to.

  4. Andrew, since Kate has the in with Ted Leonisis at the Caps, we can have her tell Ted to tell Tom to tell Lindy that he should pick up his phone every now and again. Then you can share your plan.

    Remember Marty mic’d up a season or two ago? “Jochen’s mmmaaaaddddd. Uh-oh Jochen’s realllyyy maaaddd.”

    That was a great mic’d up. My favorite though, is him mic’d up and yammering at Sidney Crosby, telling Sid that he (Marty) is not a liar.

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